• Zippy: "Look on the bright side, Bird Brain: You can finally fly."
  • Bird Brain: "I swear, Zippy, the sun can't vaporize us fast enough."
  • Dudley: "What was in this burrito? LOOK OUT, KITTY! Seriously, Kitty, look out! You're blocking the monitor."
  • Kitty: "(Blows raspberry at Dudley)"
  • Snaptrap: "Mom, if my friends from D.O.O.M. come by, tell them I'm in the basement playing World of Ratcraft."
  • Bird Brain: "Not "Skip", we are running out of oxygen!"
  • Bird Brain: "Duck!" "Not that duck!"
  • Dudley: "Kitty! Get out of the screen, you're blocking the game!

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