• Fifi Oui Oui mentions "Bon Jovi", a famous band formed by Jon Bon Jovi, best known for their hits "You Give Love a Bad Name", "Living on a Prayer", "It's My Life", "Lost Highway", and "You Want to Make a Memory". This reference could possibly be a fourth wall shooting.
    • Also, since he is pretending to be French, he probably meant "bonjour", a greeting that means hello.
  • In his attempt to act French, he also randomly mentions Jacques Cousteau (a French marine researcher), Notre Dame (a famous French cathedral), and Napolean Bonaparte (a historical French military leader). Apparently this helps fool T.U.F.F.
  • Apparently, the vending machine in the T.U.F.F. snack room comes with a gorilla button.
  • This is Dudley's first kiss.
  • This is the first episode where The Chameleon is seen without the Molecular Transformation Suit.
  • This episode marks the first alcohol reference, although after all is just an indirect, because in one scene of the episode there is a bottle of champagne (which obviously contains alcohol), but that is rather the impression that is visible from afar, because it actually is a salad dressing.
  • If "Fifi" were actually French, it would actually make sense that she never heard of the French Riviera, in France, it is known as the Jocunde.
  • This is the first time a villain successfully infiltrates T.U.F.F.
  • The Chameleon's watch, Bombega, is a parody of the real-life luxury watch brand, Omega.
  • "Chameleon's Own Salad Dressing" is a reference to Newman's Own brand of sauces.
  • This episode, along with Operation: Happy Birthday and Mom-A-Geddon, have a much different title card song than the other episodes.

Running Gags

  • Someone pressing a button.


  • In Doom-mates, it was mentioned that every cell in Petropolis Jail had a pipe organ, but in this episode, the Chameleon's cell doesn't have a pipe organ.
  • In this episode and Internal Affairs, the Chameleon can't change his voice while he was in disguise. However, in Doom-mates and Share-A-Lair, he can.
  • When The Chameleon transforms into Fifi Oui Oui in this episode, he was not able to stick to walls. However, in Share-A-Lair, he is able to when he is Bunny.
  • When The Chameleon looks at his watch, at one point, it says 2:61. It should have said 3:01.
  • The Chameleon seems to be able take off his transformation suit, but its wired into his brain. (As seen in Internal Affairs)
  • In the scene where Kitty was about to fight The Chameleon, she has a watch on her wrist, but in the next shot it is gone.

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