"Pup Daddy"
Season 2, Episode 51
Pup Daddy Title Card
Production Code: 201A
Airdate: June 3, 2012
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
Music by: Guy Moon
Cold Fish
Candy Cane-ine
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Pup Daddy is the fifty-first episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy


Dudley, Kitty, Keswick, and The Chief walk into T.U.F.F. passing by Snaptrap in a jail cell. The Chief asks Dudley if he had fed Snaptrap (who is in his prison cell) last night. Snaptrap replies saying he did not feed him and he had to chew his own foot off. Dudley, Kitty, Keswick and The Chief screams in horror. Then Snaptrap says they were all psychics and that he had actually just broke out of his cell and stole some Sweet 'N Sour Shrimp Chinese food and that he only came back because it was "Dance Party Friday" at T.U.F.F. and he was still working on a new dance move. Then a disco ball pops out of the ceiling and a dance floor forms on the floor. Dudley says that Dance Party Friday was his Idea; He says he also came up "Sleep All Day Monday", "Don't Come To Work Tuesday", and "Come To Work And Pick Up Your Paycheck In Your Pajamas And Go Home Wednesday". He says he also thought up "Bonfire In The Munitions Room Thursday", but The Chief wouldn't go for it. The Chief then tells Dudley he's a fantastic agent, but he needed to be a little more responsible. And by a little, he meant a lot. and by fantastic, he meant barely adequate. Kitty says to Dudley he needs to stop acting like a little kid, saying that even Agent Kid was more responsible than he was, and he eats cans. Keswick walks up telling everyone about his new invention, which he called the Young Gun. But he said it was still on the testing phase and that it was still highly unpredictable, like he was on the dance floor. Keswick then drops onto the ground, spinning on his head towards Kitty, thus knocking her down. At the same time, Keswick accidentally drops the gun, and Dudley grabs it by saying he could make his old piece of pizza young again. He throws the pizza into the air, and aims at it. But the pizza falls to the ground before it is shot, while the blast hits the disco ball on the ceiling. The blast reflects off the disco ball, thus zapping everyone in the room (Besides Dudley). The Chief is then shown as a teenager; A teenage Chief tells Dudley "This is Coolsville, Daddy-O!" and Dudley freaks out, saying he had changed The Chief into a "forhener." Then Keswick (Who oddly looks the same) tells Dudley he was a Bozo and that the Young Gun was set to Teenager. Teenage Kitty (Who is dressed up as a Cheerleader) spells out the Word "Bozo" like all cheerleaders would: "Gimmie a B! Gimmie an O! Gimmie a Z! Gimmie an O! What does that spell? BOZO!". Then Snaptrap is shown as an '80s' teenager saying that he was totally righteous to the max. Keswick furiously tells Dudley this was a nightmare and that he had sent him back to his awkward teenage phase. Dudley replies saying that Keswick still looked exactly the same, while Keswick then turns his back around, revealing a tail, and Dudley responds saying that it was awkward. Keswick then explains that "Keswicks" (As they are called) go through a series of changes. Also saying that in a few years, his tail will break off and form another Keswick, Who he would have to fight to the death, because there could only be one Keswick. Teenage Chief walks by (On top of his Camera-TV thing) saying "See Ya Later, Alligators!" and that he was gonna go pick up his so-called, "Chick" and cruise over to the Drive-In. Teenage Snaptrap says that The Chief was on his own, And that he was going to "spin" on a randomly-placed, piece of cardboard. He then says the old saying "Word To My Mother", But then scratches it, and says to everyone if his mom asked where he was, to tell her that he was organizing his "Sloppy Discs". Dudley then implies that he had no idea what anyone was saying but that it was cool that everyone else was more immature than he was. Keswick then replies saying that he was still mature and that he just had a tail and that he also squirts ink when he gets nervous. Then the phone (Which is right next to Keswick,) rings and Keswicks shoots out some ink, which squirts onto The Chief's face. The Chief then says "That Tears It!" And says to Keswick "Get Ready To Rumble, Nerd!" And Keswick (Who is cowering behind Dudley's legs) says that threatening just makes him more nervous. Keswick squirts more ink into The Chief's face, And The Chief's eyes turn red and he pulls out an 'Iron Knuckle'. He Chases Keswick, Who is running around in panic. Kitty then starts cheering, causing the fight to ensue worse. Then Keswick hides between Dudley's legs and The Chief accidentally hits Dudley's thigh instead of Keswick's face. Dudley screams in pain, and tells the three teens that he was going to turn them back to normal, but his hand is empty, and he asks who took the Young Gun. Then, teen Snaptrap's Face appears on the T.U.F.F. Monitor Screen and asks them if they were looking for this. And he then says "Teen Snaptrap Out!" and the screen goes blank. Dudley then says that this whole thing never would have happened on "Sleep All Day Monday". Dudley then tells the three Teens to stay where they were, and that he'd be right back. Then teenage Kitty, The Chief, and Keswick are seen and The Chief is tossing Keswick up and down and throwing him up and down on the ground. Dudley changes his mind and brings them along. Dudley almost finishes his catchphrase "To The T.U.F.F. Mobile!", But then stops at the part "T.U.F.F. M-" and adds the word "M-Mini Van" to the sentence. He groans and the next scene is Dudley driving one of the T.U.F.F. Mini Vans along with teenage Kitty, The Chief, and Keswick. Meanwhile,

Snaptrap turns the rest of D.O.O.M. into teens to "terrorize the town," teen style. Back at the van, Kitty covers Dudley's eyes, The Chief steps on the pedal, Keswick squirts ink at the windshield, causing a police officer to give him a ticket. Dudley sees that The Chief, Kitty, and Keswick (now a platypus, which shoots quills when he hiccups), are now 6 year olds. Keswick notes that they are aging backwards until they no longer exist. At a yogurt store, D.O.O.M. hides their toppings at the bottom of the yogurt and turn to 6 year olds also. Back in the mini van, Kitty is crying because she wanted yogurt. Keswick hiccups and the van stops at a construction site. At that point the kids turn into babies. When Snaptrap wobbles to the top, Dudley saves him, but it is too late. Thankfully the construction workers celebrate Dance Party Friday and saves the day. Back at T.U.F.F., everyone is celebrating Dance Party Fridays and Keswick starts to dance. To avoid a disaster, Dudley tries to turn the music to Oldies, misses and turns everyone to old people. They proceed to "get" Dudley as the episode ends.


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