Petropolis Prison 2

The most common variation of Petropolis Prison.

The Petropolis Prison is a prison that holds all of the captured villains and criminals of Petropolis.

Known Prisoners


  • In every episode it appears in so far, the bunny and the turtle prison guards have been seen in cameo roles.
  • Its cells had wicker bars in Booby Trap, but this was most likely to be fixed since Dudley chewed through all of them, allowing for a major jailbreak.
  • In the episode Doom-mates, every cell seemed to have a modern security fingerprint system.
  • In the episode Diary of a Mad Cat, it was revealed that Kitty has a sister who is a criminal and possibly spends her sentence in the Petropolis prison.
  • It appears that the prison only has main characters for prisoners and not regular citizens.
  • In Dog Dish, Kitty said that the prison was located right next to the water park which it was.
  • Apparently the prison celebrates Christmas as it was decorated in A Doomed Christmas.


  • In the episode Doom-mates, the Chief says, "Every cell has a pipe organ, but not every cell has a light bulb!" but every other episode proves this otherwise.
  • It took on very slightly different appearances in Dog Dish and Lucky Duck.


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