• She wears the same style of glasses as Tootie from The Fairly OddParents, another Butch Hartman show.
  • Her counterpart could be Mr. Crocker's mother, Mrs. Crocker, since they are both the same height, shape and wear glasses, not to mention that they are both overbearing to their children.
  • She exhibits a fear of loosing Dudley in her life.
  • She dated Snaptrap and the Chameleon in Snap Dad.
  • She is similar to "Atomic Betty" character Sparky's mother Zulia as both women would date male criminals.
  • Peg has attracted more men (villains), than any other woman in the show: Snaptrap, the Chameleon, and Bird Brain.
  • She has no husband, as seen in Snap Dad. However, she has been revealed to own a wedding dress giving us a hint that she used to have a husband. This gives us three possibilities to her marital status:
    • She is widowed.
    • She is separated.
    • She is divorced.
  • She owns a monster truck called Pegzilla, in Frisky Business.
  • She has interacted with all three major villains on the show namely Snaptrap, Bird Brain, and the Chameleon .
  • Peg Puppy is similar to Sheila Broflovski from the adult comedy cartoon, South Park.
  • Even though Peg is Dudley's mother, they don't look anything like each other (except for white fur), this shows the husband she used to have must have looked similar to Dudley.
  • Ironically she was the first character to be injured by Dudley.
  • She sees Kitty as a lazy secretary in Mom-a-Geddon. But in Snap Dad, she sees her as T.U.F.F. agent.
  • She was buying a chew toy for her son in Purr-fect Partners if he could perform 3 tricks in which he did 2 correctly even though she decided to give it to him anyway.
  • According to Verminious Snaptrap, she is a wizard with a stain stick.
  • As revealed in Happy Howl-O-Ween, Dudley saves the bad candy for her.
Peg Puppy

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