• "Dudley!" (various episodes)
  • "You remind me of my son's lazy secretary, Mitzi." (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "You bought me a Mother's Day present seven months early!" (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "Dudley! I know your in there!" (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "Let go of me you crazy woodpecker!" (Mom-A-Geddon)
  • "I met another nice man in the grocery store." (Snap Dad)
  • "Tell me what good doggies always do!" (Purr-fect Partners)
  • "He's such a good boy..." (Purr-fect Partners)
  • "See you Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!" (Frisky Business)
  • "Dudley! Stop playing my records! (The Wrong Stuff)
  • "Dudley! Its bath night! Get in the tub!" (The Wrong Stuff)
Peg Puppy

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