Owl is a henchman of Bird Brain who first appeared in Thunder Dog. He is brown with multiple bags under his eyes. He wears large, round purple glasses and a pink shirt and tie. Owl constantly asks "Who?", which is similar to the sound an owl actually makes. Bird Brain most likely prefers Bat over Owl, because, at one point in Thunder Dog, Bird Brain threatens Owl after commanding Bat. Bird Brain said that he'd miss him the least. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.



  • Owl, like Bat, Zippy, Duck, and Ewe was never shown getting arrested.
  • Bird Brain was not the one who hired Owl, it was Zippy.
  • He is probably based on the character Dave from See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
  • He has appeared in ten episodes thus far.
  • In Puppy Unplugged and Diary of a Mad Cat, his shirt was blue instead of pink. In Puppy Unplugged, his pants were blue.


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