The Overbear

The Overbear is a villain whose only appearance was in in T.U.F.F. Break Up. When the Chief was upset over T.U.F.F breaking up, he decided to call on his old bowling partner to pretend to kidnap him. And hold him hostage until the former secret agents gave him all of Bird Brain's mayo (which was really mind controlling) as ransom. However, his role as a pretend was proved wrong once he attempted to brainwash the citizens of Petropolis using Obey-o-nnaise. He succeeded briefly before his plans were thwarted by Dudley and Kitty crop dusting the Petropolis Stadium with Chemical 20. He has a sister, Louise, who calls him by his first name, Bud, and lets him stay at her house since he got laid off at his job at the car wash. Despite him not doing his fair share of rent, housework, etc. He also has two nephews, one of which is named Joshua. The Overbear takes things from them outside including a baseball, basketball, ping-pong ball, etc. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


  • The Overbear has orange flattop hair, and wears a light turquoise shirt with a neck tie and brown pants. He also wears glasses.

    A prototype design by Mike Dougherty

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