• Snaptrap: [on every screen in Petropolis] "Attention, T.U.F.F. Agents! It is I, Verminous Snaptrap! Supreme leader of D.O.O.-[looks at the wall and turns around to D.O.O.M. sign] -of D.O.O.M.! [evil laugh; pause] I don't see the red light! Am I on? Somebody get the I.T. guy!"
    Ollie: [walks onscreen] "You're on, boss. Besides, you fed the I.T. guy to the sharks when your computer froze."
    Snaptrap: "Oh, right. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. I have jammed the air waves to announce my most diabolical plan ever! In exactly 12 hours, I am gonna something so evil that can't be described in words! Snaptrap out! [grins] Okay, now I see the red light. Am I out?"
    Ollie: "Still on, boss. The I.T. guy was the only one who knew how to turn off the camera."
    [Snaptrap growls, grabs his blaster, and shoots at the camera but accidentally hits Larry]
    Larry: [offscreen] "OW! MY EYE!"
    Snaptrap: "Sorry, Larry. I was aiming at the camera. [blasts camera ending transmission]"

  • Snaptrap: "I need an evil plan!"
    Francisco: "Uhyou mean you don't have one, boss?"
    Snaptrap: "No! I just really wanted to be on TV! Then I kinda shot my mouth off!"
    Larry: [injured from the blast] "Then you shot me!"
    Snaptrap: "I said I was sorry, Larry! Maybe you'd be happier with the I.T. guy?" [dunks Larry into the shark tank]
    Larry: [attacked by the sharks] "OH, THE TEETH!"

  • Keswick: "The clown is down! Repeat, the clown is down!"
    Dudley: "Someone better warn the pizza guy!"

  • Kitty: "You set it to cow."

  • Francisco: "Heh! A rat that's allergic to cheese!"

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