• Ollie is voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also voices Keswick, Larry, and other various characters.
  • Ollie's voice sounds similar to veteran Monty Python actor Eric Idle, and the narrator from the Earthworm Jim cartoon (who is also voiced by Bennett).
  • A running gag in the series is that Ollie serves Verminious Snaptrap with food that contains cheese, but forgets that his boss is allergic to cheese. This usually has disastrous consequences for Snaptrap's evil plans.
  • Ignoring his status of being a villain, Ollie seems to be one of the most polite and cultured characters. For example, in the episode Kid Stuff, we can see him reading Pride and Prejudice.
  • It is unknown why he didn't appear in Mall Rat, as all the other D.O.O.M. agents did.
  • In Dog Daze, Snaptrap thinks Ollie is raising his hand for an idea, but he said that his cast (which he received from a minor injury) was just set up like he's raising his hand.
  • In Share-A-Lair he tried to prank Dudley by making a fake bathroom door in a wall facing the edge of the building only to find Dudley really could use the bathroom there just fine. When he came to investigate he fell down himself.
  • He is shown to be rather thoughtful as in a flashback in Snap Dad that he stole some comic books for Snaptrap when he had his wisdom teeth removed.
  • In True Spies, it is revealed that he is not actually British. He only pretends to sound smarter with .
  • In Mom's Away, his mother is revealed to be a bad cook.
  • In Match Me If You Can, it is revealed that Ollie likes jazz music.

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