• "You're on, Boss. Besides, you fed the I.T. guy to the sharks when your computer froze." (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "There's a group of rather forward thinking scientists who have determined that the moon is in fact not made of cheese." (Toast of T.U.F.F.)
  • "Using this giant hamster ball to crush the mayor's limo and then impersonate him is brilliant, boss!" (Iron Mutt)
  • "Snaring the school principal in a giant mouse trap and then take her place is pure genius, boss!" (Iron Mutt)
  • "If you're in a jam, call the English Muffin! Get it? Jam? Anyone?" (Iron Mutt)
  • "We burned all the chairs to cook weenies, boss." (Snapnapped)
  • "Diabolical Order Of Mayhem! We deliver evil in thirty minutes or it's free." (Snap Dad)
  • "Hey, everybody! Snaptrap quit! Dibs on his stuff!" (Snap Dad)
  • "Blue cheese, boss!" (Cruisin' for a Bruisin')
  • "Uh, ladies don't really talk to us."(Snapnapped)
  • "Dare to dream, sir! Dare to dream!" (Snapnapped)
  • "Word to your mother!" (The Rat Pack)
  • "Wait up, Larry!" (Doom and Gloom)
  • "Oh, are we going to rob this armored truck?" (Kid Stuff)
  • "Grilled cheese on cheese bread, boss." (Operation: Happy Birthday)
  • "Sorry, all out of shrimp, boss. Dr. Rabies must have swiped it all." (The Doomies)
  • "Come to think if it, are you allergic to cheese?" (Cruisin' for a Bruisin')
  • "Actually, the phrase is revenge is a dish best served cold!" (Forget Me Mutt)
  • "Wow, boss! That was exactly what I was thinking!" (Mind Trap)
  • "Uh, Abraham Lincoln was not one of the founding fathers." (Mission: Really Big Mission)
  • "Welcome to D.O.O.M.!" (sarcastically sad) (Mission: Really Big Mission)
  • ”Aw, you lost, boss." (Snappy Campers)
  • "Boss! Agent Katswell is coming to stop us!" (Mutts and Bolts)
  • "Boss, if you hate the sweaters so much, why are we wearing them? It's 95 degrees outside." (True Spies)
  • "That's OK Francesca. I'm not really British. I just fake my accent to sound smarter." (True Spies)

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