• Dudley: "Boy, I learned a valuable lesson today."
    • Kitty:  "Never wear a suit of armor in a lightning storm?"
      • Dudley:  "No, mine was about commas, but that's good too."

  • Dudley:  "How do you open these again?" *slams banana on desk*

  • Ollie: "Boss! Agent Puppy really CAN predict the future! I wonder how?"
    • Snaptrap: "Duuuh, it's obvious Ollie. He swallowed a magician. If  I had that ability, I'll finally beat my mom in Hangman. The way we play it, you can only lose once."

  • Ollie: "Boss! Agent Katswell is coming to stop us!"
    • Snaptrap: "How do you know that? Were you struck by lightning?"
      • Larry: "No, Snaptrap, she's right there!" (sure enough, Kitty is standing on the rooftop holding two blasters against Snaptrap)

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