Molecular Transformation Suit


Chameleon (possibly)

Date of Creation


Known Abilities

The person who wears it can transform into anyone and anything they desire.

The Molecular Transformation Suit is a functional suit that allows The Chameleon to transform into anything or anyone he wants. However, in order for it to actually work, it must be wired into his brain.


The Molecular Transformation Suit is mostly a black jumpsuit with green circuits.


It is unknown about how it was first made, but it is hinted that the suit was made by the Chameleon himself.

Transformation Sequence

The Chameleon's body is covered in black with green circuits. His eyes also become red.


This suit's ability allows the Chameleon transform into the shape of anyone or anything he wants. The suit can also form weapons.


The suit's main weakness is water. This only applies if the Chameleon is in a different form other than his own.


  • The Chameleon seems to know how to take off the transformation suit despite it being wired into the brain.
  • When the suit is off, it's wider at the ends. When the suit is on, it's skintight.
  • As of Bored of Education, The Chameleon is no longer the only one to have worn the transformation suit. Also in A Doomed Christmas, his family had been wearing transformation suits and turned themselves into household items, but it is unknown if it's that or they ran away due to his insanity and/or constant talking.
  • The Chameleon is also able to shapeshift even with other clothing on.
  • The Chameleon's suit is the only one with a hat.


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