• The title of this episode is a reference to Mission: Impossible.
  • This episode was released in Italy (October 13, 2011) before it was released in any other nation.
  • For reasons unknown, this episode premiered much earlier in the majority of Nick International Channels.
  • This is the very first double-length T.U.F.F. Puppy episode in production order.
  • This episode is similar from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episodes where Aggregor wants to capture five aliens and find his map to get the Forge of Creation (except Duped, Hit Em' Where They Live, Video Games, Hero Time, and Reflected Glory).
  • The Corn Belt in the episode is based on the real-life Corn Belt in the Midwestern United States.
  • The Chief has an anvil collection (which happens to injure him in accordance with the popular cartoon gag).
  • It was rumored, by many fans, that Kitty and Dudley may kiss in this episode, but it was proven false. However, Kitty hugged Dudley after the hole he dug saved the earth from the laser.
  • The Pet-Cific Ocean is a parody of the Pacific Ocean.
  • This is the first time the Chameleon sings, as well as Snaptrap (not counting "T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M."). That being said, and given the fact a song was brought in twice, this episode is the closest thing that the series has had to a musical episode so far.
  • Meaty Moose is a parody of McDonald's.
  • While piloting the T.U.F.F. shuttle, Kitty is seen updating her MyFace status through the on-board computer. MyFace is a parody of both MySpace and Facebook.
  • Kitty is able to pilot the shuttle and check her MyFace profile by indiscriminately mashing at her keyboard. This is a cliche apparent in various films, TV shows etc.
  • Snaptrap makes some references to the movie Alien, like saying the movie's tag line: In space no one can hear you scream. And when The Chameleon lands on the windshield of Snaptrap's RV he yells, "An alien, please don't attach yourself to my face!", which is an obvious reference to the Facehugger.
  • The RV that Snaptrap flew in space is a reference to the one in the Star Wars parody movie, Space Balls.
  • The Chameleon transformed into parodies of Toucan Sam (with red feathers and a monocle) the Fruit Loops mascot and Po (with a headband) from the Kung Fu Panda franchise as well as the Easter Bunny.
  • It is revealed that Snaptrap has a cousin named Jose, who is a fireman.
  • This is the episode in which The Chameleon and Snaptrap work together without Bird Brain.
  • The suburban home shown in this episode resembles the Turner's house in The Fairly OddParents (another Butch Hartman show) which has a purple roof, white exterior, and is two stories tall.
  • This is the first 22-minute episode.

Running Gags

  • The Chief is repeatedly hurt by the fist-in-the-box both directly and indirectly. Other "box" items used by T.U.F.F. include the "apology-in-a-box", "medals-of-bravery-in-a-box" and the "jail-in-the-box". The first two turn out to be fists-in-the-box, which end up hurting the Chief.
  • Twice, Keswick mistakenly sends the coordinates to Meaty Moose that were intended for Dudley and Kitty (who receive his meal order instead).
  • The Chameleon shapeshifts into several objects to do menial tasks for Snaptrap. These are: a toothpick, a toilet plunger, a yo-yo, a facial tissue and a cup holder.
  • Instead of helping them, Keswick's newly invented pen gadget gets in the way of Kitty and Dudley's mission by repeatedly injuring them (as his inventions often do).
  • Dudley making sound effects by imitating sonar beeps.
  • Dudley crying about losing his space jerky.
  • Dudley getting the same toy from Meaty Moose that everyone else has.
  • Dudley lying about the hole (by putting the blame on Kitty) he dug through the Earth to stay off Santa's naughty list. But it turned out that the hole through Earth that "Kitty" dug saved the day by allowing the laser to pass right through without destroying anything. In "recognition", Santa rewarded her with a bike, much to Dudley's chagrin.
  • Snaptrap making his team members dress up as different people; these include Ollie dressing up as Abraham Lincoln, Larry as Albert Einstein, and Francisco as Snaptrap's cousin Jose, who is a fireman.


  • It seems odd that Snaptrap, The Chameleon, and the other members of D.O.O.M. would survive in space as there is no air. That being said they should have instantly suffocated or blown up. The latter (with no bomb explosion present) obviously is too disturbing to put on a kids show.
  • In Hush Puppy Snaptrap states that he hates yo-yo. But in this episode he is using The Chameleon as one.
  • The Chameleon’s Transformation suit didn’t short out when he got wet a few times from being an plunger to fix Snaptrap’s toilet, being sneezed on by Snaptrap while being an issue and being used as toothpick by Snaptrap. We all assumed the Chameleon could have water-proofed his transformation suit but can’t be the case as other episodes still have it shorted out by water or other liquids.

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