• The Chief: "Focus, Agent Puppy! If you fail to destroy that asteroid all life will instantly cease to exist! Which would stink for me, since I just bought a week's worth of groceries." [points to bag of groceries in hand]
  • Kitty: [to Dudley] "Get your butt off my face!"
  • Snaptrap: "We'll own all the world's popcorn and sell it for a thousand dollars a bag. Do the math. If we sell two bags, we'll be millionaires!"
  • Snaptrap: "Larry, activate the super fancy weapons system!"
    • Larry: "We don't have a super fancy weapons system. I rented the RV with the microwave instead." [ding] "Who wants popcorn while it's still cheap?"
    • Snaptrap: [annoyed] "Who wants to see Larry get fired out of our super fancy escape pod?"
    • Larry: "We don't have a super fancy-"
    • * Snaptrap flushes Larry down the RV's toilet; he drifts off into space*
    • Snaptrap: "Oh whaddya know? In space no can hear you scream."
  • Santa Claus: [to Kitty and Dudley] "Remember, I see you when you're sleeping... I know when you're awake.. [eyes narrow] and I know when one of you has drilled a hole through the Earth."
  • Kitty: "Don't worry, Chief, with Keswick's new T.U.F.F. Turbo-Laser, that asteroid doesn't stand a chance!"
  • Kitty: "This is it. And it looks like we've beat Snaptrap to the punch."
    • Dudley: "Oooh there's punch? That goes great with jerky!"
  • Kitty: "Hi little boy, we're secret agents."
    • Boy: "Cool! I love playing secret agents. I like being the bad guy." [puts on eyepatch]
    • Dudley: [presents T.U.F.F. badge] "That's cute kid, but we're on an official government-"
    • Boy: "FEAR ME!" [demonic flames appear around boy]
    • Kitty: "I totally fear this kid, Dudley!!"
  • Snaptrap: "Larry, you and the father of our country, go get the laser piece."
    • Ollie: [dressed as Lincoln] "Actually boss, Abraham Lincoln wasn't the father of our country."
  • Keswick: [points to screen] "I've located the last piece here in a su-su-suburb, in a home just outside Petropolis."
    • Dudley:[Kitty and Dudley scream] "Oh wait, that's not so bad."
  • The Chameleon: "Yay! I'm helping!"
  • Kitty: "Mission accomplished! We did it!"
  • Dudley: "I was born ready."

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