This is a transcript for the episode 111B, Mind Trap.


Kitty: Hey, I made cookies. Who wants some?

Dudley: Me! (Dudley eats a cookie)

Chief: Holy mackrel. This cookie has mackarel in it.

Kitty: Yeah, I was out of flour, so I used seafood. You like 'em?

Dudley: (with cookie in mouth) You bet. Look, a giant ball of yarn. (puts cookie in flower pot and flower dies)

Kitty: (smiles and looks for ball of yarn)

Chief: (throws cookie in the trash chute)

Kitty: Chief, did you just throw my cookie down the trash chute?

Chief: Why would I do that. I love your cookies and there isn't a man, woman, or high tech mind reading device that can prove otherwise.

Keswick: Behold, my new high tech mind reading device. It allows whoever w-wears it to hear the thoughts of anyone close by. (Kitty snatches it from Keswick)

Chief's mind: Okay, she's reading my mind. Don't think about how gross her cookies are. Don't think about how gross her cookies are.

Kitty: I knew it! You hate my cookies!

Dudley: Wow, Chief. Do you hate Christmas, too? Let's see what Mr. Critical thinks of me.

Chief's mind: (while Dudley is picking his nose) Oh, man. Agent Puppy is a total slob.

Dudley: You think I'm a slob.

Keswick: Stop. Clearly you lack the self esteem to w-w-wear this. Though that's not surprising. Recent psychological studies indicate that...

Chief's mind: Oh, man put a sock in it, Dr. Boring.

Keswick: Well, that stings. Fortunately, I'm too m-m-m-mature to resort to name calling. Now if you'll excuse me, Dr. Boring is going to perform a heart transplant. 'Cause mine's broken!

(Dudley and Kitty glare at Chief angrily)

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