• Apparently, Agent Nutz thinks that The Chief is a duck.
  • Kitty and Dudley's jerseys at the hockey game have the numbers 99 and 86 on them, respectively. This is a reference to Agent 86 and Agent 99 from Get Smart.
  • The Chief has many unfair, but correct assumptions about his agents: Dudley is a slob, Kitty makes gross cookies, and Keswick being boring.
  • The Chief calling Keswick boring is a reference to the Power Rangers Samurai episode Sticks & Stones where a Nighlock named Negatron said that Kevin was boring.
  • "Fleaple" is parody of People magazine.
  • The The Chameleon made a cameo at the end of the episode.

Running Gags

  • Dudley failing to empty his mind.
  • Snaptrap talking about people's favorite cities.
  • Snaptrap bringing up ridiculous things that Larry has.


  • When Snaptrap put in the Chief's combo, it was different than the time the Chief put it in.
  • How can Ollie and Snaptrap read the Fleaple magazine without a magnifying glass?
  • Dudley took both Kitty and Keswick to the hockey game although he had only two tickets.
  • Unless the rounds in the hockey game were incredibly short without intermissions, the hour Dudley, Kitty, and Keswick had to pay the ransom for the Chief's safety would have passed when it ended, especially since Dudley said the game went into overtime.
  • When Snaptrap drops The Chief out of the blimp, he is tied up in ropes. But when Dudley grabs him and puts him on his shoulders, the ropes are off him, even when Dudley was never shown untying him.
  • Snaptrap and the skunk lady's favorite city is Europe.
    • The Chief's favorite city is Mexico.
    • The fact that Snaptrap said they're all cities is probably to affiliate to his stupidity, as Mexico is a country and Europe is a continent.

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