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Ok I understand get rid off it if you what your chose (what about Photo bucket )

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Hey one question if I made a novel of Dudley and only change his name and the title

Will that be ok let me know

If it's a fanfiction, you shouldn't change Dudley's name, or the title. You should also publish it on a site other than here, like

Also, you shouldn't clear your talk page... you can't do that on wikis. TheWonderKat 18:32, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

(ok I whont do it again) what is Fanfiction what is that by the way (how you do this Opinionator point and the

Stopping By to Say Hi bage let me know (thank you for leting me know about the fan fiction)

Fanfiction is a fiction based off of something they like, e.g. a TV show. The site I mentioned has a TUFF section there... try reading some to get a good idea of what they are. TheWonderKat 18:41, June 29, 2011 (UTC) also how do I get the Make a Connection bage let me know

You get the badges by doing things around the site. yes I did it baby were you the one who made this wiki ? like always let me know and how do i get the blog post bage? let me know

TheWonderKat 02:56, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

thats the hole point how do you get the Make a Connection bage ? thank you weres the tin bar

why you got rid of the poster of the merchandise that was the merchandise?

Technically, the poster isn't merchandise. I think toys, books, and such are considered merchandise.

The Make a Connection badge is earned by putting a page in a category. TheWonderKat 15:52, June 30, 2011 (UTC) whats a category? where can i find more picts of tuff puppy ?

A category is exactly what it says on the tin. The bar at the bottom of pages are a list of categories that a character, e.g. Kitty, belongs to. Kitty belongs to the "Female" category. Get it now?

You can find more pictures at blogs Owner of Wendy's, Ernie Gilbert, and Gordon Hammond and episodes uploaded on MediaFire. If you lost the link I gave you, here it is again. TUFF Puppy Episodes

Oh, and I made a Dudley userbox!

Userbox dudley This user is a fan of Dudley Puppy.

You can use it on your page if you want. TheWonderKat 20:18, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

I love the Dudley userbox! Superstar247 23:11, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

what bottom of pages? let me know

The bar is below "read more" and above the comments. See it now? TheWonderKat 01:26, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

I also deleted the "stuff" post. We should wait until merchandise is actually announced to post on the blog.

I am new at this and is so hard it's makeing me cazy what bar what comments and by the way the merchandise thing they should make toys books and other things let me know about the bar below and this userbox what is that by the way? and one more thing how did you make the lines like on your profile?

The lines can be achieved by clicking on the "normal" box in your editor and selecting "Heading 2".

The comments on each page, you said Kitty was a bad idea there. Here's a picture of the bar.

For blog posts, they should be about if something related to the show is actually announced (e.g. new episodes, toys, books, comics) or just for an idea you had to improve the wiki. I posted a userbox one here. TheWonderKat 02:14, July 1, 2011 (UTC) thank,s man and you should join terminator wiki whats a userbox the one you gave me what dose it mean ?

A userbox is just a box you put on your userpage for fun. You click on the Template box, then click Other template / magic word, then once the dialog comes up, search DudUserBox and click it. This will automatically put the userbox on any page, but it should only be used for your user page. Superstar247, for example, has put the userbox on his page.

Also, when editing this wiki, do NOT put your own opinions there. That's what the comments are for. TheWonderKat 16:44, July 1, 2011 (UTC) oh good thing thing you ask me i was wondering

how it works and what do you mean do not put your poinions on there let me know

how about this what if you saw a youtube video of tuff puppy? and paus it and use the right clik buttion

and use save pitc as and what then let me know oh and tell me if you what to join terminator wiki ok?

When I'm talking about opinions, the category "The first you mean worst" on Kitty's page is an opinion. Everything here should be said from a neutral point of view.

You can't just click on a YouTube video and click "Save Picture As". I recommend you download the episode link I gave you. and then take screenshots of any scene you like, as long as it has not been uploaded already.

I appreciate your offer, but honestly, I don't really feel like it. TheWonderKat 01:41, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

well ok wheres dont get mad if I tell you this were is the episode you gave me? band who is that guy mocking

you and me on kitty katswell comments bar tell him to stop it don't what to get involed in it one more thing will there be comics of tuff puppy let me know

TUFF Puppy Episodes <--First 20 episodes of TUFF Puppy on MediaFire

Also, I don't know who the person is. Besides, I've already talked to him.

I honestly don't know if there'll be comics of TUFF. TheWonderKat 02:55, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

have you look at IMDB for tuff puppy that will give everybody ideas if you did let me know

the thing of downloading the wed site mach something were do I start have you looked on ebay? tyep tuff puppy and there will be bottel caps of tuff puppy let me know and one thing wvery time I put the page and why you got ridof the page of dudleys friend of Phil let me know

.....whoa. Bottle caps and birthday invitations? Good eye! I know right you should put that in this wiki

In order to download an episode, you must click on the name of the episode you want, then click "Click here to start download from MediaFire.." ok sound good to me

I got rid of the Phil page because he was only mentioned in one episode. He was never seen, also. Both reasons separate him from characters such as Roger and Snaptrap's mom. Maybe I should make a "list of minor characters" article or something. TheWonderKat 04:02, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

what episode? have you looked at IMDB yet? let me know have you went to or what about songs are there any song of tuff puppy yet? good to and type tuff puppy and go to shooping and you will find posters of tuff puppy with Jerry’s trainer’s autograph if you fiend them let me know

You remained me of TX55 on the terminator wiki out of everybody I got the most bages do I ?

or you a song writter? let me know so I can give you ieads of songs ok ?

Puppy Love. You don't hear about him again after that.

I don't think there would be anything on IMDB...

I go to Nick's TUFF page all 'the time. Never heard of, though.

The songs in the show are the only ones I can think of. I wish I was good at ModPlug.... heck, I wish I could be good at writing songs altogether!

Like I said earlier, I don't know much about the badges,

Also, why haven't you used the "Reply" button on the comments? The Mr. Anderson guy got the wrong idea when you said that the hater of TUFF should leave, and he thought you were talking to him, when, in fact, you weren't. whats the reply button for no one ever useis it and this category it's sopoust to tell about for exampal dudley puppy

TheWonderKat 17:43, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

With the reply button, people actually know who you're talking to. It will put your comment below the one you are talking to. It's really confusing because if you don't use it, but you're replying to someone anyway, people will get confused, like the Mr. Anderson guy,

I removed the categories because they seemed like they should go in the comments. Also, one of them was named Phil. Phil is not a category, nor should it be a page. TheWonderKat 18:38, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

I hope i don't need a face book acoount for this

Nah, you don't need a Facebook account. TheWonderKat 18:48, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

how do I use the blog post to get that bage? let me know oh and another thing what is this start a chat let me know

The blog is used to express ideas for the wiki, or something on the show. Read some blog posts others have written, that'll give you an idea.

The chat is just that - an instant-messaging client.

Also, fun fact - Right now as I type this, I am wearing my "SUP BRO" t-shirt, complete with Roger's head on it. It's not an official piece of merchandise, though. (actually, I made it) TheWonderKat 00:16, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

You work at fruit of the looms? when will ther be new Episodes of tuff puppy?

bling is just a wedsiet like googel chek it out your shelf

you ever whent on deviant art ? let me know and if you go ther type tuff puppy on search and you will find picts of tuff puppy this chat thing I whent on it and its just blank page tell me how it works ?

No, I don't work there. I just made it myself with transfer paper and a black t-shirt.

I don't know, really.

I've gone on deviantART many times.what did you find ther?

I honestly don't know how it works. TheWonderKat 04:10, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

me to will tuff puppy be on dvd? let me know

You can just find fan art, really. Maybe some fanfiction, too...

I don't know if it will. TheWonderKat 15:26, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

what about the bottel caps will they be on this wiki? what about game like on PS3 or some thing?

I don't know if the bottle caps are official...

I don't work at Nick at all, so I don't know. Depending when it would be released, it would probably be on the upcoming consoles shown at E3 a while ago... TheWonderKat 01:10, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

do you make youtube vidios? do you stay on this wiki utill 6;00 or something one more thing can you get rid of thorgod account that was mine thank you

No, I don't. one more thing

What time zone? when you are on this wiki you know? the clock

I actually can't delete accounts, but I did give it a notice that you're here now. TheWonderKat 02:55, July 4, 2011 (UTC) ok should I name this post bloge thor? just tell me what about the birthdayinviet? let me know

you ever saw the movie 2001 a space odyssey let me know are you a member of Xenopedia the aliens vs preadtor wiki? let me know I don’t want people to think we are making stuff up in this wiki you ever heard of the star fox games that will geve ideas of parodeys for this wiki let me know oh and another thing do you sell stuff on ebay> like alien terminator comics or novels or toys? let me know

I am fully aware what a time zone is. Just which time zone are you talking about?


I honestly don't know a lot about the birthday invitations.

No, but I might soon.


I have indeed heard of the StarFox games. Amazing what the first game looked like, and that was on the SNES, in 1995. I think, if you want to make a parody that's not official, you either have to use the User:Example\Example page feature (User:Olliedudley\StarFox, User:TheWonderKat\Roger) or the fanon wiki.

No, I do not. TheWonderKat 17:40, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

this guys are just doing this becuts they whant me off this wiki so bad becuts I have more bages just tell me what not to wright on the coment box instead of a strike just get rid of every coment that I put how is that sound I love this show and this wiki and I don't and I am doing a good job editing this wiki so tell them i whont put coments anymore let me know oh and one more this whats this Permissions error onthis chat page what did I do to get a strik? let me know I have haded with all of these people for now on there I will wright no morechoments and I will just pay attentin to the work on this wiki OK? like I said before no more and if they don't like it welll thats fine by me is that OK with you let me know

No, they aren't. They never even said they wanted to do that, did they? They don't even have user accounts, so they can't get badges. DarkMageDragon's ranked at #1 right now, but you don't see people wanting him off the wiki, do you?

Just don't insult people, (e.g. you said "you are old" to DarkMageDragon) and I might lift your ban. You still have 1 strike, with 3 more to go. The last one is infinite, BTW. You can still post comments, though if you don't want to, I'll see if I can block your commenting abilities. TheWonderKat 00:57, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

Come on man you are like the only one who wrights to me no one ells please you got to get rid of the strike and I am going to take comet suicide tomorrow if you don’t and by the way I never wrote that my big idiot brother did He must have looked at the paper that I wrote down for the user name and password So I wasn’t me it was him he makes my life miserable so please best chatting friend what do you say wiki friends? Let me know oh and another thing tell DarkMageDragon I am sorry and I promise to The wiki I will never wright another comet again and one more thing I will change my avatar thank you :) you see in The Keswick page they are insulting you they are telling every body if you are a man or a woman

I never did that to you I am an American let me know tomorrow thank you

All right.... I will. Just keep your brother off the wiki. And gender isn't really insulting.... TheWonderKat 03:01, July 5, 2011 (UTC) i will and thanks I will only you know to edit and other stuff and another thing no mare coments for this wiki for me becuts i quit the coment bar below if we are going to talk for now on the coments talking will only be between me and you ok let me know by by ask me some thing and i will ask you something

were are my bages? thanks for everything oh and another thing how do you start a wiki? let me know

like I said before get rid of the strikes becuts it was my brother who wrote that stuff not me thank you

and please get rid of the coments ont the bar below and one more long thing What are you getting out of all thins? Is this making you happy? Why would you do that?Like I said before I have heard of this story of a woman who commuted suicide becuts She lost her home and job and one more thing tell them never to insult me or the y will be blocked And that’s it are you selling stuff on eBay let me know

Your badges are still there.

You'd have to Google that. I honestly don't know.

I can't. I want to introduce a strike system for banning here, so I want to abide by the original rules. Besides, you only have 3 strikes left. That's a lot, really.

I assure you, I'm not happy about this. Disappointed is more like it. The thing is, your big brother was harassing people on here, and I thought he was you, and... you get the picture.

They never insulted you in the first place... well, maybe except for the person who keeps talking about Indigo.

I already told you, I don't sell stuff on eBay. TheWonderKat 17:47, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

were are my bages? to day is the 5th and this wiki makes nocents and one more thing go to amizon type tuff puppy and you can by and epis for some thing like I said before if i am going the wright coments its going to be here for now on not the coment bar let me know I whish I can tell you more but I have a transformer movie in theaters to cache right now oh and one more thing you ever heard of a movie called puppet master? let me know you saw the movie gest what my avatar is what's not merchandies? They're still there. Or at least I see them... thank you I am running out of ideas for this wiki is there more let me know That's not techically merchandise......Ah, okay, I see.No. TheWonderKat 21:18, July 5, 2011 (UTC) I don't know what your avatar is....

Merchandise are products based off of something, e.g. toys. They aren't episodes. TheWonderKat 00:26, July 6, 2011 (UTC) you read the note? the paper I wrote to you? let me know my avatar is the hotel in las vegas What is a puppet account by the way? this wiki was born in the USA!!!!!!!!! you ever saw saturday night live?

Wait, what? What note? the one i left you in the leave meassage

A sock puppet account is an account made by someone who was blocked in order to evade the block, but alas, it's against wiki rules. is there something you are not telling me let me know

I am no longer accepting those questions. They really don't have anything to do with the site, so..... I'll still answer your Wiki-related questions, though. TheWonderKat 16:54, July 6, 2011 (UTC) what questions?

can you fix the words in the box of the snaptrap profiel unerd ollie?

Hay man I went on that http it took me an hour to download that episode

And when I saw it rip me off I didn’t see any thing just a purple sphere with sound and that it you tell me

How this works ok thank you there is no viruses or anything it's clean

I'll try to fix them. what are you saying there must be another way let me know

Have you checked your computer to see if there isn't anything wrong with it? No viruses or anything? TheWonderKat 16:28, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

What operating system are you running? How old is the computer you're using? Also, try to install the DivX codec. Maybe that'll work. TheWonderKat 20:41, July 7, 2011 (UTC) whats a divx? and how does it work?

this bage that said go on the wiki for 30 day theres got to be anothr way I can't do this every day I have stuff to do let me know

DivX is a video codec. It's for Windows, but I think it can be used for Mac.

You don't have to win the badge. It's not all that important. The badges are just rewards for doing something. TheWonderKat 03:01, July 8, 2011 (UTC) how do you do the downloading video? let me know What do you mean? TheWonderKat 17:58, July 8, 2011 (UTC) the divx vedios should I E mail you or something? let me know and what do you mean by I am no longer accepting those questions? let me know go to your talk page see the help sign? go below and see the game that I was telling you about do it do it now

Did you install DivX yet? I am not open to revealing my e-mail online.

I am no longer accepting any questions that don't have to do with TUFF or anything related to it. In this instance, a video codec is kind of related to it, (DivX) because I think it's required for the episodes.

Read above. TheWonderKat 19:57, July 9, 2011 (UTC) what video code? fanfictien you can wright soges let me know you didin't tell me the counter sets all over one again now I have start all over again I can go on this wiki every day just for one bage you ever hrard of a song called dixie? let me know DivX is called a video codec.I don't know if you can write songs on FanfictionWhy do I see all of your badges still there, then? what do you mean?I already told you, I'm not accepting those questions, but since this one's a bit obvious, I'll answer it. Yes, I have. ok I understandI I don't think you can trade badges. TheWonderKat 16:01, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

I am running outof room to wright on this wright page how about leave a meag instead? let me know

Dude, I thought I told you to keep your brother off of here. Did you happen to tell him he can't come on because an admin said so? I did I tolled him if you ever wright on me page again you will lost all of your stuff < tutorial on how to make your own wikiI see all of your badges are still there. You still have what, 640 points still? And you're saying you can't see them?TheWonderKat 16:30, July 12, 2011 (UTC) what do you mean see them? you check on to see if there will be new epis let me know

Talk continues on my page. TheWonderKat 16:23, July 13, 2011 (UTC)

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