Mayor Teddy Bear.

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Mayor Teddy Bear is the current and beloved mayor of Petropolis. In Dudley Do-Wrong, The Chameleon  captured and impersonated him in order to close down T.U.F.F. HQ. He is voiced by Matthew W. Taylor.



  • His name comes from the toy referred to as a "teddy bear".
  • It was revealed by The Chameleon that the Mayor had another three years at his current position.
  • The Chameleon disguised as the Mayor and shouted "Read my lips! No new taxes!" as one of his slogans. This is the famous slogan George H.W. Bush uttered during his 1988 US presidential election campaign.
  • Teddy Bear is an obvious parody of the president Teddy Roosevelt.
  • He holds a contest called "Citizen of the Year" in which he awarded to the Little Chipmunk Girl with a pizza train for helping elderly squirrels store nuts in Bark to the Future.


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