Quacktion figures of Math Moth and Counting Cougar.

Math Moth is a character on Quacky the Duck who teaches kids about math. He has only appeared as a quacktion figure in Quack in the Box.

He has apparently taught Kitty how to add, long division, how to eat a wool sweater, and how not to fly into a bug zapper. Out of all Quacky the Duck's quacktion figures, Math Moth is the shortest. He is wearing a college graduation cap, which is supposed to give him a more academic look, seeing as how he teaches children math. Besides Counting Cougar, he is the only other quacktion figure who wears glasses. When the quacktion figures are activated for the second time in the T.U.F.F. helicopter, Math Moth disappears for several frames and then reappears with Counting Cougar to drop bombs on the Taco Bull restaurant below the T.U.F.F. helicopter.

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