Madame Catastrophe

Madame Catastrophe is a villainess who looks just like Kitty Katswell. There is not much known about her, but she is assumed to work with Dr. Rabies from time to time. So far, she has only appeared in The Doomies.


  • Like Kitty Katswell, she's voiced by Grey DeLisle, but she didn't have any actual speaking role. She just did a maniacal laughter.
  • Oddly enough, even though she is a female, she has a goatee. This may be because of the joke that evil doubles have facial hair.
  • Judging by the sound of her laugh she seems to have a foreign accent, it can be assumed that she could be Russian like Dr. Rabies.
  • Her name is a pun. (Note: Madame Catastrophe.)
  • Since she looks almost exactly like Kitty Katswell, she is probably the same breed of cat.
  • She put a giant plastic cup (which had traces of grape soda) over Keswick in The Doomies.
  • Her laughter sounded exactly like R.I.T.A.'s, because both characters were voiced by Grey DeLisle.


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