Little Chipmunk Girl
Little Chipmunk Girl in Agent of the Year
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Tan
Eye color:       Green
Species: Chipmunk
Personal Information
  Petropolis, CA
Frozen yogurt
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Mall Rat
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

“Why does the mean lady hate muffins and sunshine?”
Little Chipmunk Girl, Mall Rat

The Little Chipmunk Girl is a minor character who appeared in Mall RatBored of Education, Bark to the Future, Agent of the Year, Sob Story and Dead or a Lie.


She's a little chipmunk girl, with a southern accent who appears in Mall Rat, Bored of Education, Bark to the Future, Agent of the Year, Sob Story and Dead or a Lie.

In Mall Rat, every time Kitty takes instinctive actions driven by suspicion in attempt to potentially stop Verminious Snaptrap, the Little Chipmunk Girl tugs on Dudley's shirt and asks why the "mean lady" did that, with tears in her eyes. Her lines are, "Why did the mean lady blow up our muffins?", "Why does the mean lady hate muffins and sunshine?", and "You're not going to take away our yogurt like you took our muffins and sunshine, are you mean lady?"

In Bored of Education she is shown at school, watching Dudley and Kitty's Career Day presentation. Instead of being highly sensitive, she rudely asks "Why did the boring lady ruin Career Day?"

In Bark to the Future, she returns to her innocent behavior helping elderly squirrels to collect nuts. She also cries when she knows The Chameleon stole her pizza truck, and later gets sad because Dudley didn't fulfill his promise of not eating any pizza until he finds her pizza truck.

In Agent of the Year, she is arrested by Kitty for selling lemonade without a license. The Chipmunk Girl quotes that Kitty "needs help."

In Sob Story, it's implied that she purposely cries to make people give her whatever she wants.


She has light brown fur and big, watery green eyes, and freckles. She wears a yellow dress and a matching bow. She speaks with a Southern accent.


She's shown to be rather cute, meek and charming. Even though Dudley is trying to please her to satisfy her demands.

Little Chipmunk Girl

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