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This is a list of every T.U.F.F. Puppy transcript from each episode.

Season 1

Episode Title Production Order Transcript
Purr-fect Partners 101A Purr-fect Partners (transcript)
Doom-mates 101B Doom-mates (transcript)
Mall Rat 102A Mall Rat (transcript)
Operation: Happy Birthday 102B Operation: Happy Birthday (transcript)
Snapnapped 103A Snapnapped (transcript)
Mom-A-Geddon 103B Mom-A-Geddon (transcript)
Cruisin' for a Bruisin' 104A Cruisin' for a Bruisin' (transcript)
Puppy Love 104B Puppy Love (transcript)
Toast of T.U.F.F. 105A Toast of T.U.F.F. (transcript)
Share-A-Lair 105B Share-A-Lair (transcript)
Dog Daze 106A Dog Daze (transcript)
Internal Affairs 106B Internal Affairs (transcript)
Chilly Dog 107A Chilly Dog (transcript)
The Doomies 107B The Doomies (transcript)
Snap Dad 108A Snap Dad (transcript)
Thunder Dog 108B Thunder Dog (transcript)
Iron Mutt 109A Iron Mutt (transcript)
The Wrong Stuff 109B The Wrong Stuff (transcript)
Watch Dog 110A Watch Dog (transcript)
Dog Dish 110B Dog Dish (transcript)
Forget Me Mutt 111A Forget Me Mutt (transcript)
Mind Trap 111B Mind Trap (transcript)
Kid Stuff 112A Kid Stuff (transcript)
Super Duper Crime Busters 112B Super Duper Crime Busters (transcript)
Mission: Really Big Mission 113 Mission: Really Big Mission (transcript)
Frisky Business 114A Frisky Business (transcript)
Hot Dog 114B Hot Dog (transcript)
Disobedience School 115A Disobedience School (transcript)
The Dog Who Cried Fish 115B The Dog Who Cried Fish (transcript)
Doom and Gloom 116A Doom and Gloom (transcript)
Law and Odor 116B Law and Odor (transcript)
The Rat Pack 117A The Rat Pack (transcript)
Booby Trap 117B Booby Trap (transcript)
The Curse of King Mutt 118A The Curse of King Mutt (transcript)
Bored of Education 118B Bored of Education (transcript)
Snappy Campers 119A Snappy Campers (transcript)
Lucky Duck 119B Lucky Duck (transcript)
Guard Dog 120A Guard Dog (transcript)
Dog Save the Queen 120B Dog Save the Queen (transcript)

Season 2

Episode Title Production Order Transcript
A Doomed Christmas 121 A Doomed Christmas (transcript)
Big Dog on Campus 122A Big Dog on Campus (transcript)
Dog's Best Friend 122B Dog's Best Friend (transcript)
Dudley Do-Wrong 123A Dudley Do-Wrong (transcript)
Puppy Unplugged 123B Puppy Unplugged (transcript)
Top Dog 124A Top Dog (transcript)
Quack in the Box 124B Quack in the Box (transcript)
Monkey Business 125A Monkey Business (transcript)
Diary of a Mad Cat 125B Diary of a Mad Cat (transcript)
Lie Like a Dog 126A Lie Like a Dog (transcript)
Cold Fish 126B Cold Fish (transcript)
Pup Daddy 201A Pup Daddy (transcript)
Candy Cane-ine 201B Candy Cane-ine (transcript)
Freaky Spy-Day 202A Freaky Spy-Day (transcript)
Dog Tired 202B Dog Tired (transcript)
Dog House 203A Dog House (transcript)
Time Waits for No Mutt 203B Time Waits for No Mutt (transcript)
Love Bird 204A Love Bird (transcript)
Bluff Puppy 204B Bluff Puppy (transcript)
Bark to the Future 205A Bark to the Future (transcript)
Lights, Camera, Quacktion 205B Lights, Camera, Quacktion (transcript)
Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind 206A Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind (transcript)
Golden Retriever 206B Golden Retriever (transcript)
Rat Trap 207A Rat Trap (transcript)
Agent of the Year 207B Agent of the Year (transcript)
T.U.F.F. Choices 208A T.U.F.F. Choices (transcript)
Sob Story 208B Sob Story (transcript)
Hush Puppy 209A Hush Puppy (transcript)
Quacky Birthday 209B Quacky Birthday (transcript)
Happy Howl-O-Ween 210 Happy Howl-O-Ween (transcript)
Til Doom Do Us Part 211 Til Doom Do Us Part (transcript)
Barking Tall 212A Barking Tall (transcript)
Bad Eggs 212B Bad Eggs (transcript)
Bark to Nature 213A Bark to Nature (transcript)
Mutts and Bolts 213B Mutts and Bolts (transcript)
Carbon Copies 214A Carbon Copies (transcript)
T.U.F.F. Cookies 214B T.U.F.F. Cookies (transcript)

Season 3

Episode Title Production Order Transcript
Subliminal Criminal 215A Subliminal Criminal (transcript)
Acting TUFF 215B Acting TUFF (transcript)
TUFF Sell 216A TUFF Sell (transcript)
Tattle Tale 216B Tattle Tale (transcript)
A Tale of Two Kitties 217A A Tale of Two Kitties (transcript)
Pup in the Air 217B Pup in the Air (transcript)
True Spies 218A True Spies (transcript)
Bagel and the Beast 218B Bagel and the Beast (transcript)
Mud with Power 219A Mud with Power (transcript)
Legal Beagle 219B Legal Beagle (transcript)
The Spelling Bee 220A The Spelling Bee (transcript)
House Broken 220B House Broken (transcript)
Dancin' Machine 221A Dancin' Machine (transcript)
The Good, the Bad, and the Quacky 221B The Good, the Bad, and the Quacky (transcript)
Pup Goes the Weasel 222A Pup Goes the Weasel (transcript)
Puppy Pause 222B Puppy Pause (transcript)
Sheep Dog 223A Sheep Dog (transcript)
Mom's Away 223B Mom's Away (transcript)
Crime Takes a Holiday‎ 224A Crime Takes a Holiday‎ (transcript)
Flower Power 224B Flower Power‎ (transcript)
Match Me If You Can‎ 225A Match Me If You Can (transcript)
Organized Crime‎ 225B Organized Crime‎ (transcript)
Girlfriend or Foe? 226A Girlfriend or Foe?‎ (transcript)
Scared Wit-Less 226B Scared Wit-Less (transcript)
Barking Bad 301A Barking Bad (transcript)
Smarty Pants 301B Smarty Pants (transcript)
Great Scott 302A Great Scott (transcript)
To Be Or Not To Bee 302B To Be Or Not To Bee (transcript)
While The Cats Away 303A While The Cats Away (transcript)
Sweet Revenge 303B Sweet Revenge (transcript)