• Kitty: "We're all done."
  • Keswick: "No, thanks to Big Jodie."
  • The Chief: "I wanted to help, but I am fighting against the wind."
  • Keswick: 'Oh, your ma-ma-miming again."
  • The Chief: "No, I am inch tall and there's a ship ocean breeze (screams)."
  • Quacky: "That's a wrap!"
  • Keswick: "Oh, you said wrap. Give me a beat, robot hand! (music) What uh-up. I am Hoops McGee, and I am feeling bold, we just broke into Fort Ox, and stole the gold. Take it to the bridge! Yeah, throw your hands in the air!"
  • Dudley: "Welcome to Canada, eh?"
  • Dudley: "Acting!"
  • Dudley (In Farmer's Daughter Costume): "Acting, y'all!"

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