• It is the first episode aired in 1080p image format, the previous episodes were aired in 480i and 720p.
  • Phil is physically seen in this episode.
  • Because of Keswick's stuttering problems, he appeared what he wanted to say is "suck" (Which is thought of as crude language to Nickelodeon), when he intended to say "seems reasonable".
  • Dudley implies he is afraid of the dentist in the episode Thunder Dog as he was able to confront his dentist Dr. Fineberg perfectly.
  • This episode was already available on Nick's official website before its future TV airing.
  • Kitty wears a pink hat in this episode, which resembles Timmy Turner's hat from The Fairly OddParents.
  • This is the first time Dudley fights crime without Kitty.
  • Dudley playing cards at Phil's house is a parody of C.M. Coolidge's famous oil painting of dogs playing poker.
  • Kitty says in the episode that she has never told a lie, however she was probably just bragging as she has lied before in both Cruisin' for a Bruisin and Disobedience School or maybe it was a mistake.
  • Dudley went to quicksand boulevard in order to reach Dr.Fineberg's clinic and the meaning of boulevard is a road near the sea. This may be a small hint as to where in California Petropolis is.
  • In one of the portfolios licking Snaptrap henchmen, we can observed that one has the D of Danny Phantom costume

Running Gags

  • Snaptrap and his crew licking other people's stuff (e.g. Wolf Spitzer).


  • In Internal Affairs the Chief can see amoebas, however, in this episode, he can't see them.

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