(Episode starts at T.U.F.F; Kitty has Dudley perform a smell test)

  • Kitty: Okay, Dudley. Let's test your keen sense of smell. Two of these cups contain a small deadly nerve toxin. Can you pick the one that's safe?
  • Dudley: No problem-o! (drinks cup A; moment of silence, the Dudley is fine) Ta-da!
  • Chief: That's amazing! Okay, Agent Puppy, what kind of donuts are left in the snack room?
  • Dudley: (while sniffing) A chocolate-covered salmon, a glazed tuna, and a custard trout!
  • Chief: Ugh, I hate when Agent Katswell brings the donuts.
  • Keswick: (in containment ball; stuffy) That's some nose you got, Agent Puppy. I can't smell a th-thuh-thuh-thing I got a bad cold I quarantine myself! (sneezes) That's the last time I lick a hand rail at the hospital. (intel alarm goes off) I've received intel that the Stink Bug is on the loose!
  • Dudley: Who's the Stink Bug?
  • Keswick: A diabolical bug villain who stinks. Duh! It's right in his name! Because of his rancid smell, we r-ruh-ran him out of town.
  • Chief: Actually, we just told him to take a shower, but he made a big stink about it and left, vowing revenge!
  • Keswick: Well, he's back, and he's robbing the Limburger Chuh-Chuh-Cheese Factory. (sneezes)
  • Kitty: We're on it, Keswick!

(Transition to Limburger Cheese Factory; Stink Bug is rolling a wheel of it out to his car)

  • Stink Bug: Hey, Percival - (burps)
  • Percival: (gas mask is melted off; in Southern accent) Yes sir, Mr. Stink Bug?
  • Stink Bug: Throw this wheel of cheese into my Stink Buggy.
  • Percival: Sure, and maybe later, you could take a shower?
  • 'Stink Bug: '(angry) I told you, I don't shower! You are the worst evil intern ever!
  • Percival: Oh, evil intern? I must've missed that in the job description.
  • Stink Bug: Just get us outta here!
  • Percival: (jumps in car) Hands at 10:00 and 2:00. Oh, right. I'm evil. Let's make it 9:00 and 3:00.
  • Stink Bug: (irritated) Just DRIVE! (steps on gas pedal)

(Dudley and Kitty drive up to get the Stink Bug, but he turns)

  • Kitty: Stink Bug, you're under arrest for Grand Theft Limburger!
  • Dudley: And littering! (focuses back on the road; he and the Stink Bug scream in terror; he moves up ahead of the T.U.F.F Agents so that the limburger cheese is in front of them) Ugh! There's nothing stinkier than limburger cheese! And with my super-sensitive nose, it's even worse!

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