Doom-mates 9

General overview of a laser boomerang, here equipped with three laser cannons and an arm to lob grenades.

The Laser Boomerang is a high-tech weapon probably invented for T.U.F.F. by Keswick. One was first seen in Doom-mates, when Dudley unwittingly unleashed it on the T.U.F.F. headquarters, wreaking havoc. Despite being thrown in the air like normal boomerangs, laser boomerangs can sustain their flight with rotor blades before returning to the thrower. While in flight, it is known to fire laser beams, throw grenades and set bear traps.

They were used twice by Dudley in Doom-mates: in the aforementioned T.U.F.F. HQ incident and in The Chameleon's lair. As Dudley didn't know how to operate them properly, they could possibly possess more weaponry or features that haven't been revealed. It is unknown if they'll ever reappear in future episodes.

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