Purr-fect Partners

  • "Think again, Snaptrap! (Rips out of her disguise and goes into a fighting stance) HYAH!"
  • "We're secret agents, butt-munch, not superheroes."
  • "I'd rather use my TEN CLAWS!"
  • "Lets play laser tag, Snaptrap! You're it!"
  • "Maybe he's not such a bad little guy. This might just work out."
  • "I speak 120 dialects fluently, mastered all forms of martial arts and my claws are registered as lethal weapons."
  • "Why'd you say that?"
  • "Or, maybe not."
  • "Are you nuts?!"
  • "You idiot! I almost had them. And now you're under arrest for obstructing an investigation of the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force!"
  • "That's the moron who impeded my investigation, Chief."


  • "No, it toasts bagels."
  • "Rule Number 1, never use a weapon without first reading the manual."
  • "No whiskers, no balance! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"
  • "You lunatic! You destroyed HQ!"
  • "Thanks for saving me, Dudley."
  • "Oh, come on!"
  • "Note to self, install spikes at bottom of chute."
  • "Stop using me to hit people, Dudley! Or should I say, THE IDIOT!"
  • "Or should I say, CHAMELEON!!! Oh, great! Now Dudley's got me doing it!"
  • "Okay, one more chance. But if you'll break anything else I'll break your neck! Got it, Dudley?!"

Mall Rat

  • "Get a grip, people. You can't eat those muffins. They could be poisonous, or bombs, or POISONOUS BOMBS!"
  • "That's no weather cannon, its some kind of weapon!"
  • "My instincts as a secret agent have never failed me! Trust me Dudley, Snaptrap is just trying to win everyone over so he can do something super evil!"
  • "I gotta do a little gloating dance. Go, Kitty! Good instincts! You are awesome!"
  • "Thanks for trusting me, Dudley."
  • "I get the glasses! You get the pretzel!"
  • "Gimme those glasses!"
  • "I'm going home before I ruin anybody else's day."

Operation: Happy Birthday

  • "See what I mean?"
  • "No I just want a normal day."
  • "Not good, Dudley!"
  • "This is the greatest birthday ever!"
  • "Good work, Dudley! We're still doomed, but at least we get cake!"
  • "This has been the best birthday ever!"
  • "You set it to cow."
  • "There! That's what I want for my birthday! To catch Snaptrap!"
  • "Thank you, but not now!"
  • "Relax, Dudley. There are still cows, they'll make more cheese."


  • "Uh, 3 minutes, 21 seconds."
  • "What's the worst that could happen?"
  • "Peter Paper Pealed a Pouch of Plastic Pappies?"
  • "Keswick!, What have you done?"
  • "Speaking of which, where is Dudley?"


  • "It's Kitty!"
  • "We're not your minions, Bird Brain!"
  • "We thinks it's as dangerous as it is tacky."
  • "Welcome to Plane Delicious! Were our specialty is airline food!"

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

  • "Can't believe he fell for that! There's not a single villain within hundred miles of here."
  • "The only bars you'll be seeing are in the Petropolis Prison!"
  • "Once upon a time, I hit a dog with a clock! THE END!"
  • "Hey what do know! There is an iceberg!"
  • "Tuna flavored limp balm. Anchovy gum. Here we go, official T.U.F.F. tanning mirror."
  • "AAHHHHH!!!"
  • "YOU! YOU! YOU!....are doing a great job!"

Puppy Love

  • "No, Chief. We're just a little disorganized since we lost our secretary."
  • "Oh, yes, you do! You wove her!"
  • "Just go talk to her!"
  • "And your "fiancé" is the Chameleon!"
  • "Hey, Fifi. How about a little girl talk?"
  • "My partner has a crush on you!"

Toast of T.U.F.F.

  • "Totally! I just noticed Keswick has gills!"
  • "I can't believe it's come to this. Eight years of secret agent college and I'm serving Swedish meatballs in a hairnet?"
  • "Well at least its quitting time, I'm gonna go home and sharpen my claws on the couch!"
  • "R.I.T.A.?"
  • "Ahh, paper cups!"
  • "Dudley!"
  • "Keswick, you have to do something! I BROUGHT TOASTER PASTRIES TODAY!!!!"


  • "Dudley, that's the water fountain!"
  • "That's my shoe!"
  • "Wait, if we attack each other now, we're going to destroy out own headquarters."
  • "Wait a minute....why is our real estate agent giving us ammunition?"
  • "Something tells me that she isn't really a real real estate agent at all."
  • "Dudley, what are you talking about?"
  • "What? Why would you do that?"

Dog Daze

  • "Dudley, I know you want to catch a giant robot but you have to be more careful!"
  • "No, this is just the way they set my cast."
  • "It's been 20 minutes and you're in a crowded coffee shop.....Is that a real beard?"
  • "That's the emergency?"
  • "He was in a crowded coffee shop for 20 minutes!"
  • "That's what I'm counting for!"
  • "Dudley, you are a karate-chopping superdog!"
  • "Goodbye, Dudley. And for what it's worth. I did think you were pretty."
  • "It was only 20.. ohhh, I missed you, too."

Internal Affairs

  • "Keswick? Can you butter this popcorn with your butter-ray?"
  • "Dudley, are you okay?! I didn't get your message because I was at a movie!"
  • "We're on it Dudley."
  • "I can't disarm it, Keswick!"

Chilly Dog

  • "It's all over, Snowflake. In the name of the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force, you are under arrest!"
  • "Dudley, that's a hot dog vendor!"
  • "I'll explain it to him in the car later."
  • "You can keep it."
  • "We didn't order any drinks."

The Doomies

  • "You know when they say black tie, they also mean pants."
  • "Oh look, gift bags!"
  • "Sorry. My uncle Doug gave me one of those word of the day calendars. He's avuncular."
  • "How did my goatee get on your butt?!"
  • "I don't wanna wear it now! Trade with me!"
  • "I know. It's a cornucopia of evil."
  • "Freeze Ray!"

Thunder Dog

  • "Oh come on Dudley, everyone's afraid of something."
  • "Will you relax?! It's just a little thunder!"
  • "Brave guy forgot there's no windshield!"
  • "Whoa! Stop the car!"
  • "Sorry, Bird Brain! We're here to steal your Thunder!"
  • "Dudley? I can't believe you jumped into a fire to save the Chiefs corn nuts."
  • "...Dudley you let them escape again!"
  • "We gotta get up that mountain!"

Snap Dad

  • "Snaptrap! You're under arrest for... Dudley?! What are we arresting him for!?"
  • "Do we have to? He bugs us!"
  • "We're not mad!" (unison with Dudley)
  • "That's my ring!"
  • "Hey! Is that my cell phone?!"
  • "Snaptrap, blast them!!"

Iron Mutt

  • "Ooh, the top secret gift shop is open until seven, and I get 10% off with my employee discount!"
  • "You wanna know how Dudley's getting all the credit when he clearly has no idea what he's doing?!"
  • "This whole Iron Mutt thing is getting way out of hand, and I'm tired of all this sidekick stuff, we're supposed to be partners!"
  • "I'm not your sidekick!"
  • "Unfunny sidekick speaking."
  • "I know, Chief! Because even though this whole Iron Mutt thing has gone to his head, he's still a good agent!"
  • "Please Snaptrap, whatever you do, don't shoot yogurt on the T.U.F.F-jet! It'll ruin the paint job!"

The Wrong Stuff

  • "We didn't. The party's for my old partner Jack Rabbit. He's stopping by for a visit."
  • "I thought you were the greatest secret agent ever, Jack! But you're just a no-good crook!"
  • "There is a problem Jack, its T.U.F.F."
  • "No, T.U.F.F. the agency, I like it there, and believe it or not, I really like my new partner"
  • "You're still spying on me Dudley?"
  • "I can't believe you two can't trust me!?"
  • "Snack room!"
  • "It's all you can eat."
  • "Good one Jack! You always did like making jokes!"
  • "You really need your own place."

Watch Dog

  • "Sorry, Dudley. We both know there's only one chocolate doughnut in the snack room. (Smiles evilly) And that doughnut is mine!"
  • "(Sing-song voice) Oh, Dudley!"
  • "Mmmm-mah. Hah! Had your doughnut taken by a girl cat. Rough morning."
  • "Minute 1: You dropped Larry in the shark tank. Minutes 2 through 30: Larry screamed while you played Crazy Eights."
  • "We are through being your secretary, butler, and nugget chef!"
  • "We found this. Thanks for showing what we were really meant to do with our lives."
  • "What are you talking about?"

Dog Dish

  • "Keswick!"
  • "I don't think you should be driving with that cone covering your eyes."
  • "Whoa! That's just not right!"
  • "Real smooth, Dudley."

Forget Me Mutt

  • "Grrr! I am gonna clobber ME! I mean HIM!"
  • "Here's my number. Call me after I get my phone fixed. Puuuurrrrrrrr."
  • "Sorry, partner. HIII-YAAA!!!"
  • "Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Mind Trap

  • "Yeah. I ran out of flour, so I used sea food."
  • "(Gasps) I knew it. You hate my cookies!"
  • "You're right. I think I'll just sit here and eat one of my delicious cookies."
  • "Give me that!"

Kid Stuff

  • "Just blast him!"
  • "You did it, Dudley!"
  • "If you've got some macaroni and some string, you can do almost anything!"
  • "Hey, kids! Say hello to Quacky the Duck!"
  • "Oh no, kids!"

Super Duper Crime Busters

  • "Being a secret agent means you have to be mysterious and elusive. I'm nowhere and everywhere."
  • "Smoke Bomb!"
  • "It won't take my dollar!! I mean... Nowhere and Everywhere... HAA!"
  • And I'll be... Nowhere and everywhere!!"

Mission: Really Big Mission

  • "Get your butt off my face!"
  • "I already have that one! Everybody has that one!"
  • "Hi, Santa!"
  • "That was my fruit cup!"
  • "Why would you wanna know that?"
  • "Where is Dudley!?"
  • "Hi, little boy. We're secret agents."
  • "I totally fear this kid Dudley!"
  • "This is agent Katswell! I NEED BACK UP!!!"
  • "You said I could do the sound effects this time!"
  • "It was an honor to work with you!"
  • "Thanks Santa!"

Frisky Business

  • "That pineapple's a bomb! Stand back, I'll defuse it."
  • "Dudley, why are you wearing bubble wrap?"
  • "Presto, quick, we need a car. (a scooter appears) Close enough."
  • "I'm crime fighting boring you?"
  • "It's 1 in the afternoon. I was worried about you."
  • "You're wearing a wedding dress in a room full of garbage, and there's a stray gorilla hanging from your chandelier."
  • "Uh taking out the trash, doesn't mean taking it out of the can."
  • "Dudley, you let another bad guy escape!"

Hot Dog

  • "You gotta be kidding me."
  • "Come on. Lets stop The Chameleon, then you can win the dog show and get that mail man."
  • "Dudley! That's a tumble weed!"

Disobedience School

  • "There's nothing like spending the day at an amusement park built around an active volcano."
  • "That's no code. It's Snaptrap's grocery list."

The Dog Who Cried Fish

  • "I'm starving! Where is Dudley with our food?"
  • "Please tell me it's fish sandwiches."
  • "Okay, most people just go with "Sorry I made a mess," but whatever."
  • "Where's Dudley with our lunch?"
  • "Or we can press the UNFLOOD THE CITY button."

Doom & Gloom

  • "It sure helps that they all tell us where and when they're committing their crimes."
  • "What boobs!"
  • "That Murray guy is good!"
  • "We need to find someone who knows Murray, and holds a grudge. Someone with an axe to grind."
  • "We know. We need your help to stop Murray. and since you're holding a grudge, we figure you'll co-operate."
  • "Finally!"
  • "Come on!!!"
  • "Freeze, GLOOM agents!"
  • "Hold on, Chief. We arrested GLOOM together!"

Law & Odor

  • "And please keep your hands down!"
  • "Go, Panthers!"
  • "It's burning cat!"
  • "I hope this get rid of the skunk smell!"

The Rat Pack

  • "What? I'm dancing!"
  • "I can dance!"
  • "And wave them around like you just couldn't be bothered!"

Booby Trap

  • "GET HIM!!!!!"
  • "Those were presents! And you said you liked them!"
  • "C'mon Dudley, let's catch Bird Brain before the Chief chews you out again."
  • "That's a Star Beaks Coffee card."
  • "Dudley, you can't! Remember the beaver."
  • "The Chief had Julian redecorate the prison (looks up), which explains the lovely baroque chandelier. Okay Dudley, chew us out of here."
  • "No..well kinda. He's another blue bottomed booby!"
  • "Which mean Bird Brain's not endangered anymore!"
  • "Good work, you remembered blue-bottomed boobies can't fly."
  • "I mean. That's not mine!"

Snappy Campers

  • "Get out of my house!"
  • "I don't have a fire place!"
  • "I have just the tool to stop him. T.R.U.S.T.!"
  • "He's all the way across the lake! I'll have to use the T.U.F.F. hang glider!"
  • "Aaahh! Australian killer gnats!"
  • "Wait. Are you in my house?"

Lucky Duck

  • "Grammar Gopher! You're back! This is the bestest day ever!"
  • "Why do you need a missile?"
  • "And now he's gone. He was cute, and he taught me how to stop dangling my participles."
  • "You know you wouldn't have to read letters like that if you hadn't fired the Grammar Gopher.(whimpers) I miss him."

The Curse of King Mutt

  • "The curse of King Mutt: If anyone removes the sacred bone, King Mutt will rise from his grave to destroy the thief."
  • "Aah, Dudley! You buried King Mutt's bone?"
  • "Here it is Dudley, the tomb of King Mutt."
  • "Honestly, why can't you be more like a cat? Determined, and focused, and... MOUSE!!!!"
  • "THAT'S MY TAIL!!"
  • "MOUSE!!"
  • "I'm locked out! Better call, Dudley. Okay, where's my wrist com?"
  • "DUDLEY!!"
  • "Dudley, it's time to take out the trash."

Bored of Education

  • "Dudley, there's more to our jobs than blowing things up."
  • "Let me Handle this, I'm going to show the class whats really exciting about being a T.U.F.F. agent."
  • "Another thing about secret agent kids. They also get to kick bad guy butt!"
  • "So in conclusion, Being a secret agent is about responsibility, proper hygiene, and of course the always thrilling paper work."
  • "It's Katswell, and I haven't gotten to the super cool spy accessories yet, Dudley hand out the complimentary T.U.F.F. Dental floss and sun block."
  • "You know it! Five servings a day! Sometimes I eat six!"
  • "My sun block! My dental floss! What? We have to pay for those if we lose them."
  • "Wh--why do they cheer for his dental floss?"
  • "Oh, kids. We just got off to a bad start. Our jobs really are cool."
  • "Dudley, that's not appropriate for kids."
  • "On the Up Side, lemons are chock full of nutritious Vitamin C, which promote.."(Kids fall asleep).
  • "Come on, kids! It's not too late to me law abiding citizens!"
  • "Dudley, the gas wore off ten minutes ago."
  • "Oh come on, all I said was that being a T.U.F.F. agent is about responsibility, dedication... (Ms. Grizzlebaum falls asleep)
  • "Cut it out, Dudley!"
  • "All I did was focus on skin care and dental hygiene, both of which I find to be (The guys fall asleep) Okay, so the Chameleon was a tad more entertaining, its not like he talked the kids into being criminals."
  • "Remember kids! Don't forget to eat your vegetables!"
  • "I hope you boys and girls floss after eating that pizza!!"
  • (Squeaky voice) "Wait, kids! Think about your future!"
  • (Squeaky voice) "I hear a beeping sound."
  • "This is all my fault, I bored those kids into a life of crime"
  • "Dudley, we have to save those kids!"
  • "Kids, don't forget to eat your vegetables!!"

Guard Dog

  • "Why do you have a cat car?"
  • "Good job Dudley! You caught Snaptrap! I looked everywhere."
  • "Cat car?"
  • "Dudley, I cant hear you, we're going through a tunnel."
  • "It's just me!"

Dog Save the Queen

  • "I'm an English nanny."
  • "That's weird everywhere."
  • "Dudley, if the Chameleon crosses that bridge he can easily flee to Scotland, Greenland or even Russia!"
  • "We're not authorized by SCUFF, GRUFF or RUFF to go after him."
  • (While not having any weapon) "Oh wait, my nanny disguise only came with a spoonful of sugar!"
  • "Did you eat your blaster again?"
  • (While flying aimlessly with her umbrella) "I did not!"

A Doomed Christmas

  • "You mean Christmas!"
  • "This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!"
  • "You mean Kitty!"
  • "Say no more."
  • "Darn it."
  • "You ate the candy cane laser!?"
  • "We're outnumbered! Time to use the element of surprise!"
  • "Time to hang the stocking by the chimney with care. Lock and load!"
  • "Dudley, that was the nicest thing I've ever seen anyone do."

Big Dog on Campus

  • "Wow. You carry your year book around?"
  • "And I'm not really a hairless cat!!"
  • "Looks like R. Suspect is our suspect."
  • "I'm cold."
  • "AAAHH!!! It burns my bumpy pale skin!! OW!!!!"
  • "There's no setting for mash...OH look!!"

Dog's Best Friend

  • "INTRUDER!!!"
  • "Wait a minute. Your name isn't Kyle R., It's killer!!"
  • "Welcome to T.U.F.F. Kyle."
  • "That robot is Kyle!"

Diary of a Mad Cat

  • "You love bacon and eggs without the eggs and extra bacon. Your favorite word is bacon, and you like visiting Macon, Georgia because Macon sounds like bacon."
  • "UGH! Just leave me alone so I can write nasty things about you in my e-diary!"
  • "Kill you?! I can't understand you!"
  • "It's Eric! The future Mr. Kitty Katswell!"
  • "Don't hurt his gorgeous face!"
  • "Mom?!"
  • "My sister is in jail!"
  • "Ugh! Stop comparing me to her! I'm pretty, too!"
  • "(Holds hand out for Dudley to stop talking) Wait, wait! (Eyes turn red in anger) You posted my diary on the Internet?!"
  • "Like how you always chew your butt when you say "exactly?""

Monkey Business

  • "Dudley! Start howling!!"
  • "Are you guys busy Friday night?! I mean! Are you alright!?"
  • "Were T.U.F.F. agents! And your gorgeous! I mean! Are you okay!?"
  • "Dudley! You have to howl louder!"
  • "How do you know that?"

Dudley Do-Wrong

  • "I can't, Chief. I'm glued to the sidewalk."
  • "Get him, Dudley!"
  • "I can't believe you went dressed as a jar of mayonnaise."

Puppy Unplugged

  • "(Blows raspberry at Dudley)"
  • "What's going to happen to those poor people when they run out of peanuts?!"

Freaky Spy Day

  • Ugh! I feel like I ate 22 steaks and a ham."
  • "AAGH! That lame brian meant brains. DUDLEY!!"
  • "Dudley, have you gone crazy? Why did you trade brians with me?"

Dog Tired

  • "YAY!!!"
  • "What is wrong with you?!"

Puppy Unplugged

  • (Blows raspberry at Dudley)

Flower Power

  • "Freeze, Zippy! And... muscular booby who I've never seen before."
  • "We'll never get out! These shorts are spandex!"
  • "Not invisible. Invincible."
  • "Are those yarn balls on that flower?!"
  • "UGGGHHH!"
  • "I hate the rainforest!"
  • "It's called the rainforest because it rains here a lot."
  • "Dudley, you've been out of school for like five years."
Kitty Katswell

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