Purr-fect Partners

  • "His name is Dudley Puppy! He is the perfect combination of every breed known to man!"


Mall Rat

  • "The bad news is there is no way to stop the mall from hurdling towards the sun."
  • "The food court is open until 9:00!"
  • "They're not poisonous bombs! There blu-blu-blueberry!"
  • "Perfectly survivable, unless you're made of soap."

Operation: Happy Birthday

  • "P-p-p-positions everyone. It's go time."
  • "The clown is down! Repeat: The clown is down!"
  • "That's the perfect occasion to test my flash-backer.
  • "Well duh, it's at the World's Largest Chilly Pot Store! Honestly Chief, where did we find these people?"
  • "Agents Puppy and Katswell, I have no tunes but I do have news."


  • "Fellow T.U.F.F. agents hold onto your hats. Uh, those of you not wearing hats, rah-rah-roll with it."
  • "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers."'
  • "How humiliating. Someone of my intellect reduced to carrying a buh-b-b-box of circular, fattening breakfast pastries!"
  • "First of all, it's Keswick and w-w-w-what do you want, Snaptrap?"
  • "You're probably wondering how you get out of the conference room. Well you can't. You're locked in until an authorized T-T-T-T.U.F.F. agent speaks the secret c-c-c-codephrase. Have a nice day."


  • "This one doesn't have a number I just love bumper cars."

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

  • "I'm going to modify the ship's engines to run on cold-fusion!"
  • "For my first number I'm going to sing a quick little d-d-ditty called Row, row, rua-row your boat."
  • "I will have to start over!"
  • "Keep your shirt on c-c-cowboy, I was getting to that."

Puppy Love

  • "We literally lost her, she took a break stuff piled up an we never saw her again!"
  • "Rosemary if you can hear me shoot out the flair!"
  • "I'm going down ..." (faints)

Toast of T.U.F.F.

  • "I do a Mr. Science thing on the side. Which reminds me I have to get back Billy Jankins back from the forth dimension!"
  • "Never thought of that I just liked the name."
  • "What have I d-d-done!"


  • "Launch a counterstrike and r-r-run screaming into the bathroom."
  • "Bad news Chief. We've all got pink eye from the b-ball pit. Also, we're getting another emergency tra-tra-transmission from Agent Rodentski."
  • "It's not the dump, it's city hall. We accidentally bl-bl-blew it up."

Dog Daze

  • "I think he did you a favor, Chief. Who puts m-m-m-mustard in a cherry pie? I mean, seriously, people!"
  • "Yeah right, like that's going to happen. His pies taste like sh-sh-shoes!"
  • "Don't worry Agent Puppy, my mind is too powerful to saccome to hypnosis."
  • "I'm a pretty princess pirate who's late for the woodpecker ball! Hi-Gee-Gee!"

Internal Affairs

  • "Wow! Kitty! That movie stunk! It's as if somebody b-b-b-blasted the director with my no talent ray!"
  • "I have REALLY gotta start labeling my stuff!"
  • "Use the air break!"
  • "Oh, there was really an air-brake? I was just yanking your chain."

Chilly Dog

  • "No, we have a ton of costumes. I was just getting back at him for eating my lunch."

The Doomies

  • "Pretty darn critical for a plumber and a car-wash cashier!"
  • "And your back in the cup!"
  • "This is humiliating! On the bright side there's grape soda in here!"
  • "I'm sorry Mom and Dad, I'm not a doctor, get over it!"

Thunder Dog

  • "Thought this was the laundry chute!"
  • "Still not the laundry chute!"
  • "I'd argue with you Kitty, but you te-te-te-terrify me!"

Snap Dad

  • "Not until you give me the right code."
  • "T.U.F.F HQ, Keswick speaking."

Iron Mutt

  • "Welcome to the top secret T.U.F.F. test bu-bu-bu-bunker conveniently located below the giant neon T.U.F.F. top secret b-bu-bu-bunker sign. All you folks in line for the top secret buffet step your left."
  • "Kitty, I've got a very important question for you."
  • "Actually I was going to ask if you could get the Iron Mutt's autograph. It's for my mother, her name's Keswick."
  • "IT'S IRON MUTT!" (girly screams, then faints)

The Wrong Stuff

  • "Can I wear my ninja pants?"
  • "I was lucky to get anything. The cleaning lady knew three types of J-J-J-Jiujitsu!"
  • "My name is Bob... Uh Bob... Don't touch the grass!"

Watch Dog

  • "Why would I build an acid-spitting waffle-maker?! Good thing I'm on your side, right?"
  • "Now what the kicker is? It doesn't even make waffles!"
  • "Absolutely not! Changing one thing in the past can have a cataclysmic effect on the present."

Dog Dish

  • "We're T.U.F.F. Agents, decretion is our middle name."

Forget Me Mutt

  • "I wish that mayonnaise had been cold."
  • "Who told you that!? I mean I'm not b-building a Lady Keswick."
  • "All right, I'm gonna clobber him!"

Mind Trap

  • "I'll need to do a heart transplant! Because mine broken!... Cry, Weep, Sob!"
  • "Dr. Boring recommends a rescue!"

Kid Stuff

Super Duper Crime Busters

Mission: Really Big Mission

Frisky Business

  • "Please! We helped someone clean his house before his mom comes!"

Hot Dog

  • "What kind of self-obsorbed doofus would enter a dog show?"

Disobedience School

The Dog Who Cried Fish

Doom and Gloom

Law and Odor

  • "That's some nose you've got, Agent Puppy. I can't smell a th-tha-thing. I have such a b-ba-bad cold, I've quarantined myself!" *sneezes*
  • sniffs* "Holy toledo! What is that sma-sma-smell?!"

The Rat Pack

Booby Trap

The Curse of King Mutt

Bored of Education

Snappy Campers

Lucky Duck

A Doomed Christmas

Big Dog on Campus

Dog's Best Friend


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