A photo of Keswick's parents at their 50th wedding anniversary.

Keswick's parents are the mother and father of Keswick. They were seen and mentioned in The Doomies and Keswick's mother was seen and spoke in Love Bird and Agent of the Year. It is implied that Keswick has a poor relationship with them, as they wanted him to become a doctor and his mother didn't like him dating.



  • Their jobs are a plumber and a car wash cashier.
  • In Pup Daddy, it is shown that Keswicks go through a metamorphosis as they age. It is also shown that old Keswicks go through a jellyfish phase. Strangely, Keswick's parents aren't shown as jellyfish; they are shown as older (or elderly) versions of Keswick. It is unknown if they even go through a metamorphosis or if it happens at a certain part of each age.
  • The appearance of Keswick's mother changes from episode-to-episode. Perhaps, it is just her aging as only minor changes are seen.
  • In Iron Mutt, Keswick said that his mother's name is Keswick.
  • The episode Love Bird reveals that Keswick's mother views relationships as a burden. It is possible that she has had a bad experience, or she could simply just be overprotective of her son and fears losing him as her daughter (Keswick's unknown sister) is already married.
  • Agent of the Year, she sent a birthday card to her son, saying that he failed and completely embarrassed "them" while saying the following quote "I'm just calling it like I see it". That indicates she is possibly angry with him for having to leave their home planet and not becoming a doctor like she wanted.
  • Keswick's mom could be voice by Grey Delisle.


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