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Professor Keswick, Jr.

Gender: Male
Hair color:       Beige
Eye color:       Teal/Green
Species: Keswick
Age: 20s
Personal Information
  Turbo Undercover Fighting Force
  Agency Scientist
  Petropolis, CA
  The Professor
Mr. Science
Dr. Boring[1]
  Dudley Puppy

Kitty Katswell
The Chief


Bird Brain

Love Interests:
  Tammy (possibly married in the future)
  Inventing gadgets
Bumper cars
Mother Keswick and Father Keswick (Mentioned; Mother appearance only)
Tammy (Possibly)
Unknown sister
Stan (Brother-in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Purr-fect Partners
Last Appearance:
  T.U.F.F. Break Up
Voiced by:
Jeff Bennett

Davide Garbolino (Italian Dub)

“Agent Puppy, do you know how long it took me to forge--I mean l-l-legally obtain that document stating I'm a citizen of Earth? Which I am..”
Keswick, Smarty Pants

Professor Keswick, Jr. is the deuteragonist of T.U.F.F. Puppy. He is a creature of an unidentifiable species (later revealed to also be named Keswick) with a bad stuttering habit who works for T.U.F.F. Headquarters as their inventor and scientist. Keswick's brother-in-law is Stan.


The first clues to Keswick's past were said in "Monkey Business." He implied that he came from another universe called Keswickia. However, this sort of contradicts the fact that he has parents, a sister, and a brother-in-law living in Petropolis. It could be said that they too came from that universe and followed him to Earth. This also shows that Keswick could be his own species of extraterrestrial animal form figuring he goes through animal stages throughout his life. In a sense, this means he is an alien. In "Pup Daddy", this is also supported by the fact that he goes through different metamorphoses with age. He also refers to his species by what his name is, a keswick. His parents weren't shown going through a metamorphosis, but it's unknown whether the metamorphosis with age is even treated as canon.

Official Description and Species

Keswick is a prairie dog-like species confirmed to be under the name Keswick. He has a supposed "pouch", has webbed feet, looks and behaves like a dog or rodent, has three hearts, eleven toes on his paws, has gills, and has rodent teeth, though he's possibly some sort of extraterrestrial rodent or dog. In "Toast of T.U.F.F.", there has been misleading facts about him being a common species, like a platypus. He has a pouch, webbed feet, three hearts, and he laid an egg in the end of an episode, though he doesn't really have a pouch as his pants held things that lead Dudley to believe it was a pouch. According to the creator Butch Hartman, he really did lay an egg and possesses gills, but Keswick ironically fears drowning as in "While The Cats Away". In "'Til Doom Do Us Part", Keswick revealed that strange things happen when you get him wet. One of them is becoming a 'couple', which defeats the fact that he was seen swimming in "Bored of Education", and he is a semi-aquatic alien, according to his strange anatomy. It is possible that two of his three hearts pump blood to his gills while the main heart pumps blood to the rest of the body as in cephalopods. Keswick has also shown evidence of his species having the same sensitive nose as Dudley Puppy. For instance, in "Law and Odor", Keswick smelled the stink bug's stench at the end of the episode and said the same words Dudley stated: "It's like a hobo with an abscessed tooth driving a garbage truck to Atlantic City!", and in "True Spies", Keswick revealed that his planet has stink police, and he broke a law by cooking stinky fish at work. Keswick has a notable speech impediment, which causes him to frequently stutter and involuntarily twitch. His eye color is currently shown black, but his eye color was shown in Super Duper Crime Busters as he was in mid-stutter. This confirms that his actual eye color isn't actually black and could possibly be a green alien color or a teal/blue. He can't sing correctly, known for his many attempts of singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and forgetting every other line of the song during "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'". His buck teeth may be a reference to the teeth of Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents, another show created by Butch Hartman.

In "True Spies," it is revealed that Keswick is an alien from the planet Keswickia who is wanted by the Keswickian Police for cooking fish at work. This confirms that Keswick's alien species also has a super sensitive nose requiring them to have stink police on their planet.


Keswick is a very smart scientist who has made some major contributions to T.U.F.F. with some of his inventions. However, many of his inventions have also caused some harm to the team in the past as well, such as Rita, (some even spit out acid!). "The Wrong Stuff" showed that Keswick knows the art of Ninjutsu. He has a tendency to create his inventions very quickly like in "Toast Of T.U.F.F.". Keswick tends to behave sort of like a dog in some episodes. For example, in "Mind Trap", "Super Duper Crime Busters" and "Organized Crime", he had his tongue out like a dog, and in one episode, he was even panting like one, lovestruck by Tammy. He also seems to have a passion for food as he gobbles them down like a starving coyote such as in "Dog House". In "Mind Trap", he revealed that he was going through the dumpster for day old scampion. He is protective of his food as Dudley burped up a bag of Keswick's fishsticks that had a sign saying: "DON'T TOUCH!" on it in "Chilly Dog". First evidence was shown in Mall Rat, where he states that the good news was that the food court was open til 9:00. He seems to have strained relations with his parents. Contrary to popular culture, he seems to get along well with his in-laws. He also seems to have a strange sense of humor after he makes some sort of joke that no one really seems to get. Keswick also cares about his friends in a valuable way. In "Snapnapped", he has created a machine that makes donuts out of thin air and redesigned D.O.O.M. HQ using only soup cans and a shark tank. He refused to work for D.O.O.M. no matter how badly the other agents treated him. This means he is a caring friend, and will always be no matter what.

Interactions with Other Characters (Alphabetically)

The Chameleon

Keswick and The Chief.

Keswick and The Chameleon seem to have a small standard relationship, as in "Hot Dog", Keswick suggested that he wear a coat, much to The Chameleon's chagrin. He also tried to steal the anti-chameleon device as Keswick was locked with his paw closed in the lab door in "Bark to the Future".

The Chief

Keswick is loyal to The Chief in a way. They also seem to share a special friendship. Keswick is also known to be The Chief's voice of reason on many occasions. They even tend to be 'brothers' at times like in the end of "Iron Mutt", Keswick said that Chief agreed to play 'Iron Mutt' with him. He sometimes tends to challenge the Chief in a way such as in "Bad Eggs" when he thought the Chief retired, cleared out his clearance, and took his position and monitor as Chief. Keswick and the Chief shared the office and bonded like an old married couple in 'Til Doom Do Us Part until he insults Keswick for selling his mane.

Keswick and Dudley in The Ice Cream Truck

Dudley Puppy

Keswick and Dudley became fast friends the day Dudley was hired to work for T.U.F.F. Keswick thinks of Dudley as a nuisance sometimes, but they do get along most of the time and seem to have a very good relationship. In" The Wrong Stuff", he helped Dudley spy on Kitty and Jack; under the condition that he dress up like a ninja. He also lets Dudley test his inventions and serums when he needs a test subject. Dudley's usually tests them without his permission which leads to the agents having to save the day.

Kitty Katswell

Keswick and Kitty in Internal Affairs

In "Internal Affairs", Kitty lost a bet and had to take Keswick to the movies. Other than that they seem to have a standard co-worker relationship. However on Kitty's end, she seems to cherish Keswick not only as a co-worker but as a very valuable friend. She was deeply affected over his supposed death in Toast of T.U.F.F., in which R.I.T.A. was thought to have vaporized Keswick. However, it turned out she only "destroyed" Keswick's Hologram. He may not be as fond of her because of his fear of girls. Kitty likes to associate with Keswick, even though he likes to mess with her and Dudley sometimes with his jokes.

Verminious Snaptrap

In "Snapnapped", Snaptrap constantly mispronounced his name. In "The Wrong Stuff", it is shown that Keswick fears Snaptrap in person. Upon being growled at by Snaptrap when the two were about to fight, Keswick cowardly fled. However, he soon returned in an ice cream truck with his Fudgey Bar Cannon, which he used to barrage Snaptrap into capture. Snaptrap tried to steal Keswick's head shrinker by sneaking into his house until Dudley captured him. However, in T.U.F.F. Love, Keswick worked up the courage to try and fake a fight with Snaptrap in order for Tammy to view him as a hero. Unfortunately, he had his eyes closed, and Tammy beat up the rat before Keswick had a chance.


During the end of the episode "Thunder Dog", Keswick was shown to be afraid of Tammy due to his gynophobic nature. However, starting in "Organized Crime", he developed a huge crush on Tammy, even showing her what their baby would look like. He may also share a lust towards her as he is seen panting (possibly like a crazed lunatic) when he shows her their baby, indicating he also wants kids. In "T.U.F.F. Love", Keswick tried multiple times to impress Tammy which ended up scaring her. She accepted Keswick's feelings after he saved her life from her robot counterpart.


Current Character

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