Katty Katswell

Katty Katswell is the twin sister of Kitty. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle. She is a known criminal in Petropolis.

Basis in the series

She was mentioned in Diary of a Mad Cat and Bluff Puppy and finally appears in A Tale of Two Kitties. She is said to be in jail. It is implied that Mrs. Katswell prefers her over Kitty, due to her asking Kitty why she couldn't be more like her sister. (The Chameleon asked her this when he transformed into her mother.) In A Tale of Two Kitties, she was escaped from prison to take revenge on her sister who put her in jail by swapping places with her own sister to steal 24 carat Golden Fishbowl from the Petropolis Art Museum exhibit in which Dudley and Kitty have assignments to protect this, where Dudley didn't know that where his partner was swapped by Katty. As a criminal she commits crimes such as armed robbery, Grand Theft Auto and insurance fraud.


  • She looks and sounds exactly like her sister, but with a white stripe on her hair that resembles a skunk stripe.
  • Katty seems to have a fast-talking 1930's manner of speaking.



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