• Jack Rabbit is an obvious parody of James Bond, seeing as how his voice is an impersonation of Sean Connery (the first person to play James Bond), when he's first introduced his introduction is just like James Bond's, and his main quote, "Rabbit, Jack Rabbit.", is also a parody of James Bond's main quote, "Bond, James Bond.". The fact that he's a "womanizer" proves this too.
  • It is implied that in The Wrong Stuff, Kitty and Jack used to be a couple once Jack mentioned "We can go to our old stomping ground", and Kitty replies "You mean that Italian place?"
  • He's also voiced by Daran Norris who also voices The Chameleon, Francisco, The Chief, and Bad Dog.
  • A "jack rabbit" is an actual type of animal. This is where the character got his name. His physical features are also appropriate for this species of rabbit, though off proportion.
  • On Jack's Super Turbo Undercover Fighting Force business card, that he shows Kitty, it says "International Rabbit of Mystery"; this is an obvious parody of the movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.
  • His hairstyle strongly resembles that of Danny Fenton and Timmy Turner, both characters who are created by Butch Hartman.
  • In Freaky Spy-Day, Jack had slightly different looking eyes. He actually had visible pupils.
  • It might be hinted in Freaky Spy-Day, Jack still has the money he got from the villains that he worked for in exchange for their secrets.
  • It is suggested in both episodes (The Wrong Stuff/Freaky Spy-Day), that Jack is indeed a vegetarian. He is never seen eating any form of meat products, which may also be due to his species since rabbits eat mainly vegetable based products.
  • He admitted that he was greedy in The Wrong Stuff.
  • He knows martial arts and was able to counter Dudley's attacks in The Wrong Stuff, even though he was defeated by one Puppy Punch.
  • Despite not being a D.O.O.M. agent, he works with Snaptrap in both of his appearances.
  • He and Kitty go to different restaurants in both episodes, with the exception of Our Old Stomping Ground, and Our Old Hangout.
  • Jack Rabbit is similar to Dylan from the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode, Frankie My Dear, because they both act antagonistic.
  • Jack always gets Dudley's name wrong by calling him "Dippy" or "Davey" at all times.
Jack Rabbit

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