• This episode's title and Dudley's suit is a parody of Iron Man.
  • The Iron Mutt and His Unfunny Sidekick show is seen during the Wolf Spitzer newsflash may be a parody of Dora the Explorer, even mocking the "We Did It" song.
  • Francisco's costume is based off that of the famous Marvel Comics character, Captain America, and Larry's suit is based off the Robin Suit used by the third Robin, Tim Drake.
  • Sally Mander makes a cameo in this episode.
  • This episode makes all of Butch Hartman's three main cartoon character superheroes. For instance, Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, and Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom being Danny Phantom.
  • Keswick said his mother's name is Keswick. It is unknown if it really is her name or Keswick was lying because he wanted Iron Mutt's autograph without Kitty knowing.
  • The breaking news music is the same music heard in Big Time Rush, which Guy Moon also composed the music for as well as the show.

Running Gags

  • Dudley exhibiting poor control of the suit, unwittingly shooting frozen yogurt or crashing into objects such as walls.
  • Snaptrap complains that there aren't any toppings to go with the yogurt.


  • When Dudley and Snaptrap trade outfits, the sleeve of Snaptrap's shirt is grey.
  • When one of the girls hugging Dudley and looks at the yogurt shooting boutonnière, Sally Mander is nowhere to be seen.
  • In the beginning we see Dudley wearing a red ball cap, but when he wore the suit, the ball cap was gone.
  • Snaptrap doesn't seem to have any allergies towards frozen yogurt unlike cheese, despite them both being dairy products. There could be something in cheese that he's allergic to that's not in other dairy products.
  • Ollie's tail is his skin color rather than pink when he talks to Snaptrap about impersonating the school principal.

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