• Kitty: "You wanna know how Dudley's getting all the credit for stopping Snaptrap when he clearly has no idea what he's doing?!"
    • Keswick: "Actually I was going to ask if you could get the Iron Mutt's autograph. It's for my mother, her name's Keswick."
  • Keswick: "It's Iron Mutt!" (Screams like a girl)
  • Ollie: "Boss, snaring the principal in a giant mousetrap to take her place is pure genius!"
    • Snaptrap: "Awright! That was my plan! You didn't think I wanted to stand outside a school in a woman's dress did you?"
  • Snaptrap: (to his minions) "I've got to stop Iron Mutt! As long as he's around, I can't wear mustaches and dresses." (they stare at him) "I mean, commit manly crimes. Now how do I get this wig off? I use like.. gazillion bobby pins."
  • Iron Mutt: "Can you find the letter A?"
  • Iron Mutt and Unfunny Sidekick: "We did it! We did it!"
  • Snaptrap: "Iron Mutt! Welcome to the superhero hangout. As you can see, we're clearly superheroes because we're all flying! Allow me to introduce the gang. I'm Supermarket! I fight high prices with everyday discounts! Have some coupons! And this is.. the English Muffin!"
    • Ollie: "If you're in a jam, call the English Muffin! Get it, jam?" (takes out jar of jam) "Anyone?"
    • Snaptrap: (points to Francisco) "Here's Captain North America! He'll be there to help. But only in Canada, the Virgin Islands and the Continental U.S." (Larry falls)
    • Snaptrap: Imposter!!!
  • Snaptrap: "You're outnumbered." (looks at suit) And I look fantastic! Just imagine when I accessorize this with a mustache and a dress. Any last wooords?"
    • Dudley: "I just wanna say... that being an agent is about trusting your partner, and not being a star. If Kitty were here, I'd tell her that she means more to me than any yogurt-making flying suit!"
    • Snaptrap: "That was really beautiful and seriously.. moving, and heartfelt and.. prepare to perish in pain!"

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