• Kitty: "You've gotta be kidding me."
  • Dudley: "Put, the razor, down!"
  • Dudley: "You're way softer than Andy."
  • Dudley: "Am I hot or what?"
  • The Chief: (walks up to mirror) "I'm hot too." (mirror cracks)
  • Dudley: "Ask that mermaid on a unicycle!"
  • The Chameleon: "I'm an evil villain. Fear me in my new pea coat."
  • Dudley: "And we not have another snow game! NOOOOO!!!!"
  • Kitty: "That's weaner! You used the wrong word!"
  • The Chameleon: (cooking Kitty over a grill) "And now Kitty Katswell, you will cook along like the rest of us! Except more faster and evenly."
  • Dudley: "First of all, I'm not hot; and second, I don't hallucinate."
  • Dudley: "I feel like a weaner!"
  • Dudley: "My own mailman?! OHH THANKS GUYS!"
  • Kitty: "Did you made that up?"
  • Dudley: "BALL!"

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