• This episode was first announced at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.
  • This is the first T.U.F.F. Puppy Halloween special and the second holiday special (the first was A Doomed Christmas).
  • The world leaders being held at gunpoint near the beginning of the episode are (in order of appearance) a Russian bear, a French poodle, a British bulldog, a Mexican chihuahua and a bald eagle.
  • We learn that on Thanksgiving, Dudley was forced to hire a lawyer after he ate a turkey.
  • Bird Brain wears braces in this episode because he has an over beak; a humorous reference to overbite.
  • The candy magnet the villains use to steal all the candy in Petropolis is reminiscent of the cheese magnet from Operation: Happy Birthday.
  • The police officer that arrests Dudley speaks with an Irish accent.
  • Dudley was dressed as a candy bandit, an astromutt (a pun on astronaut), a boxer, a zombie and a matador (which he thought was a fancy magician).
  • Dudley mentions his friend Jake, who he claims is a pure-bred Boxer. He ends up having another monologue, like he did about his friend Duke in The Curse of King Mutt.
  • Dudley's final matador costume is the second time a character has dressed as a matador, the first being Snaptrap at the end of Doom and Gloom.
  • This is the fourth time Bird Brain, Snaptrap, and the Chameleon work together.
  • The Owlive Garden is parody of the Olive Garden, a chain of Italian restaurants in America.
  • Facebeak is parody of Facebook. This website was also featured seen in Booby Trap.
    • Larry makes a cameo in the Facebeak page, to comment the Snaptrap's status.
  • The Chief has an iPhone in this episode.
  • This is the third half-hour special, after Mission: Really Big Mission and A Doomed Christmas.
  • The Booby Ruth bars featured in this episode are a parody of Baby Ruth bars.
  • When Dudley yells, "In space, no one can hear you trick or treat!" he references the classic 1979 sci-fi film, Alien. The Season 1 episode, Mission: Really Big Mission also featured references to Alien.
  • Keswick speaks Pig Latin when he reacts nervously to the zombie horde inside T.U.F.F. HQ.
  • Puppymint is play on peppermint.
  • The Chief says he made a call to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. This is a reference to the slogan of the car insurance company, GEICO.
  • This is the second time there's been a zombie invasion. The first was Puppy Unplugged.
  • When Kitty gets Dudley's mints when the zombies attack them and she throws it to them, she throws it exactly like a Baseball pitch.

Running Gags

  • Dudley throwing Kitty when she crosses paths with him.
  • Dudley and the others thinking Kitty's a black cat, to which she angrily explains she is tan.
  • Dudley wearing different costumes and is mistaken to be the real deal.
  • The Chief recording himself with his phone while locked in his office, when he thinks it is the zombie apocalypse.
  • Bird Brain looking for the Booby Ruth wrapper that contains the free jetpack prize.

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