• The Chamleon: "I don't wanna give away the end, but he never finds a friend."

  • Kitty: "Excuse me, what car is this?"
    • Staff Member: "The cat car."
      • Kitty: "Cat car?" (takes a look inside and gasps) "Scratching posts?! Fish?! Caged birds?! Catnip?! Toy mice?! That laser light pointer dot thingy?!" (pokes her tongue open and drools, then turns to the staff member) "Why do you have a cat car?"
        • Staff Member: "All trains have one."
          • Kitty: (stares for a brief moment, then pokes her tongue open and drools again, while also laughing insanely)

  • Kitty: "We're going through a tunnel."
    • Dudley: "No, we're not."
      • Kitty: "Just me." (goes on all fours, then pounces and starts to go crazy with all the cat goodies)

  • Larry: "That looks dangerous."
    • Snaptrap: "That's why you're going first!"

  • The Chameleon: "I guess in the end, the lonely lizard finds a friend after all."

  • The Chameleon: "It's called, "The Very Lonely Lizard" by The Chameleon."

  • Ollie: "I hate to ask, but what's your next plan, boss?"

  • Snaptrap: (with Spanish accent) "Adios, Chameleon!"

  • The Chameleon: "Can you throw this in the garbage can, will you?"

  • Dudley: "Hope you've learned your lesson, bad guys: Never mess with the laser-focused agents of T.U.F.F!"
    • Kitty: (hops off the train holding a fish bowl and bird cage, looking messed up, having spent the majority of the mission in the cat car) "Good job, Dudley! You caught Snaptrap! I looked everywhere for him." (her left eye swirls and her right eye twitches, while smiling freakishly)
      • Dudley: "I can see that."

  • Snaptrap: "Let's not play the blame game!"

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