Genius Larry's Order Of Mayhem, also known as G.L.O.O.M., was an agency created by Larry, who was tired of Snaptrap bossing him around, in the episode Doom and Gloom. It is shown that the agency's HQ is located in the same building as D.O.O.M.'s HQ (as of this episode, Snaptrap's house), but owns the upper floor, where their evil scheming took place in Mrs. Snaptrap's sowing room (which was up for rent). If Larry's plan to steal money from Petropolis while it was foggy with the power out succeed, he was going to buy a new hideout, likely because the one he had was in rather bad condition, and the fact that him and his team were creeped out from meeting Snaptrap's mom in the bathroom all the time. After T.U.F.F. foiled Larry's plans, him and his team had to leave behind the upper floor and then rejoined D.O.O.M., but not before being sent into the shark tank as punishment (and for Snaptrap's personal amusement).



  • This organization was notably more successful than D.O.O.M. until it got shut down.
  • This is the only organization where everyone wears the same clothes.
  • It's likely that Larry's hairstyle was his real hair, while Francisco and Ollie wore wigs that represented his hair.
  • Even though Larry's name was changed to Murray, his organization was still called Genius Larry's Order Of Mayhem. Given his new name, his group should have been called G.M.O.O.M. It's possible he stayed with the name G.L.O.O.M. since the other name doesn't sound right or mean anything.
  • G.L.O.O.M. is similar to the agency S.T.U.F.F. in many ways:
    • Both organizations are currently defunct.
    • The leader of the organizations are antagonistic characters.
    • There both spun-off of the original series' organization only bigger and better.
    • Both corporations are five letter acronyms opposed to their previous organization's four acronyms.
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