"Freaky Spy-Day (transcript)"
Season 2, Episode 53
Freaky Spy-Day Title Card.png
Production Code: 202A
Airdate: May 13, 2012
Villain(s) Featured: Jack Rabbit
Verminious Snaptrap
Writer(s): Kevin Sullivan,
Will Schifrin,
Ray DeLaurentis
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
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This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Freaky Spy-Day" from Season 2. It aired on May 13, 2012.


The story open with another day at T.U.F.F. Kitty's phone started to ring and it went to voice mail.

  • Kitty (answering machine): "You've reached Agent Kitty Katswell, (Dudley breaks a lamp in the background) Dudley! You broke my lamp. I'm recording my message, be quiet."
  • Dudley: "THE CHIEF DID IT!"
  • The Chief: "I DID NOT!"
  • Kitty: (scoffs) "Just leave a message at the beep."
  • Jack Rabbit: "Kitty, It's your old partner Jack Rabbit. I know it takes a lot of nerve calling you after I tried to drain and sell your T.U.F.F. secrets to Snaptrap. After all, I could have left you an empty-headed moron like your partner Dumply."
  • Dudley (at the answering machine): "It's Dudley!"
  • Jack: "Anyway, Kitty, I'm a changed man and I'd like to make it up to you. Call me."
  • Dudley: "I can't let Kitty get together with Jack. Unlike me, she's weak and has no willpower. (sees the bowl of jellybeans and take them off the table) (*gasp*) A bowl of jellybeans! I have to eat them all right now! I've got to tell Keswick and the Chief about this, not about the jellybeans because I don't want to share." (starts eating the jellybeans and the Chief and Keswick come in.)
  • The Chief: "We heard the message."
  • Dudley: "Where you guys spying on me?"
  • Keswick: "Well, I was spying on the Chief , he was spying on you while you were spying on K-K-Kitty. For all we know Kitty is spying on us. We live in a creepy little world here at T-T-T.U.F.F. (sees the bowl of jellybeans) Are those jellybeans?!"
  • Dudley: "Look, knowing Jack, he's up to no good. We can't let Kitty know he called."
  • Kitty (walks in): "Hi, guys."
  • The guys screamed when walked in surprisingly, then she saw that her new phone had a message. Dudley tried to stop her from seeing it.
  • Kitty: "Oh , I got a message. (Dudley blows up Kitty's phone with a blaster and then a bigger blaster) AHH! Dudley, what is wrong with you?"
  • Dudley: "What! Can't a guy just blow up his partner's phone without getting a third-degree. Anyway, I need to talk to The Chief and Keswick in private. It's man talk."
  • The Chief : "Uhhh, yeah, right. We need to discuss manly things like ice dancing and how to make the perfect summer salad."
  • Keswick: (*clears throat to help change the subject*)
  • The Chief: "I mean hockey and fight club."

As the boys walk away in silence, Kitty stats to straighten her face becoming suspicious. Meanwhile in the lab, Dudley, The Chief, and Keswick are debating on how to keep Kitty away from Jack.

  • Dudley: "Okay, we need to find a way to keep Kitty away from Jack."
  • Keswick: "I know. We'll shove into my rocket and sh-sh-sh-shoot her into space."
  • The Chief: "That's crazy. You can't just shove into the rocket. We'll lure her in with this fashion magazine. OH! Shoulder pads are back."
  • Keswick: "Oh really, let me see."

As soon as Chief throws the magazine into the rocket, him and Keswick end up inside and blast off into space.

  • Dudley: "Rockets are complicated, I need something simple. I know, I'll use Keswick's Brain Switcher and swap my brain with Kitty's. Then, I'll make a date with Jack and tell him to get lost. Why aren't I running this place? But, how can I swap brains with Kitty's without her noticing?"

While Kitty was walking pass the lab, Dudley slammed her face into the door and she was knocked out cold.

  • Dudley: "That'll work."

Once Dudley aimed the Brain Switcher at Kitty, They automatically switch brains, seeing that Kitty has larger brain and Dudley's brain is tiny. Kitty's brain had a little trouble getting into Dudley's head but it still got in there. Once the switch was complete, Kitty (inside Dudley's body) fainted to the floor and Dudley (inside Kitty's body) successfully carried out his plan.

  • Dudley (in Kitty's ' body'):" It worked! Now as far as anyone knows, I'm Kitty and that's just me sleeping on floor again. Now to make a date with Jack."
  • Dudley (imitating Kitty's voice): "Hi Jack, it's Kitty. I got your message."
  • Jack: "Kitty, What's wrong with your voice?"
  • Dudley: "Uhh...I have a fur ball in my throat because I'm a cat and not a dog with my brain inside a cat's body. (nervously laughs) Wanna meet for lunch?"
  • Jack: Well, I'd love to. Meet with at noon at our Our Old Hangout."
  • Dudley: "Ummm...I don't remember where that is and just I'm pretending to be Kitty and don't know you that well. (nervously laughing again)
  • Jack: "Actually, we've never been there before. Our Old Hangout is a new restaurant on main street. I'll see you there."
  • Dudley: "Beware Jack Rabbit. There's a new Kitty in town and her name is Dudley Puppy. (falls to the floor with a busted ankle) Oww! I twisted my ankle!

At "OUR OLD HANGOUT" Jack was patiently waiting for Kitty (or Dudley) to arrive.

  • Dudley: "Hi, Jacky-poo. (struggling with walking in Kitty's boots then on top of Jack) Sorry, I'm late. I had to put on my lady face. (laughing like a girl).
  • Jack: Kitty, Its good to see you. I thought about you alot while I was in the slammer.
  • Dudley (slaps Jack in the face): "Well, you deserved to be in jail."
  • Jack: "Actually, The slammer is my high powered European sports car. It's an XJ5 Convertible."
  • Dudley: " Yeah? Well, your fancy car doesn't impress me. I only came here to tell you, I want nothing to with you! Oh, and to do this...and this...and maybe this too." (Jack bring out a napkin to clean his face.) And don't bother wiping your face cause I don't ever wanna see it again."
  • Jack (cleaning his face with a napkin or cloth): Uggghh, Alright I deserved that but, please have lunch with me. My treat.

Meanwhile, in T.U.F.F. Agency, Kitty (in Dudley's body) wakes up with a note on her head.

  • Kitty: Why am I sleeping on the floor? What's this? (pulls out note) "Dear Kity, sory I switch brians with yoo. Dudley." Brians? (walks to the woman's restroom where the women inside scream at her and run away. Kitty looks at the mirror and screams at the sight of Dudley's reflection instead of hers) That lame brian meant brains! (screams) DUDLEY!!

At the right moment, Kitty (as Dudley) showed up.

  • Kitty: Dudley, have you gone crazy? Why did you trade brians with me?
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