• Dudley: "Were you guys spying on me?"
    • Keswick: "Well, I was spying on the Chief, he was spying on you while you were spying on K-K-Kitty. For all we know, Kitty is spying on us. We live in a creepy little world here at T-T.U.F.F."

  • Jack: "Kitty, what's wrong with your voice?"
    • Dudley: (in Kitty's body) "Uh, I have a fur ball in my throat. Because I'm a cat, and not a dog with my brain inside a cat's body."

  • Dudley: (in Kitty's body) "Beware, Jack Rabbit! There's a new Kitty in town and her name is DUDLEY PUPPY!" (trips over)

  • Jack: "You know I'm starting to wonder if I did drain your brain after all."

  • Dudley: (in Kitty's body) "Yeah, I don't want to hear about your medical problems. Charm is what I nicknamed your credit card which I haven't maxed out yet."

  • Kitty: "Ugh, I feel like I ate 22 steaks and a giant ham!"
    • Dudley: "Tee-hee!"
      • Kitty: "Gross!"

  • Dudley: (in Kitty's body) "Keep your shirt on. I don't want my Chinese noodles to fall out."

  • Mr. Wong: "You messed with the Wong guy! Get it? Cause my name is Wong?"

  • Kitty: (in Snaptrap's body) "Are there noodles in my shirt? Do all guys do this?"

  • Dudley: "It's Dippy."

  • Dudley: (in Kitty's body) "DON'T YOU JUST LOVE MONSTER TRUCK RALLIES?!"

  • Dudley: (in Kitty's body) "Waiter, see that monster truck down there? I want you to bring me a ham THAT big."

  • Snaptrap: (to Jack) "Now, if you excuse me, I have to find a giant ham. Thanks to you, this is my life now."

  • Dudley: (in Kitty's body) "I'm not ready to go back to T.U.F.F. yet. I want to spend the day with you and your charm."

  • Dudley: (in Kitty's body) "Don't worry. I saved your charms."

  • Kitty: "You know this is a secret agency. We should really lock these doors."
  • Kitty: (reading a note, while in Dudley's body) "Dear Kitty, sorry I switched brians with you - Dudley. Brians?"

  • Kitty: (in Dudley's body)"Dudley, have you gone crazy? Why did you trade brians with me?"

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