"Freaky Spy-Day"
Season 2, Episode 53
Freaky Spy-Day Title Card
Production Code: 202A
Airdate: May 13, 2012
Villain(s) Featured: Jack Rabbit
Verminious Snaptrap
Writer(s): Ray DeLaurentis

Will Schifrin Kevin Sullivan

Director(s): John McIntyre
Storyboards by: Fred Gonzalez
Storyboard Director(s): Dave Thomas
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
Candy Cane-ine
Dog Tired
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Freaky Spy-Day is the fifty-third episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy


Dudley overhears a voicemail message from Kitty's old partner, Jack Rabbit, asking her to meet up, but Dudley's convinced that he is up to no good. Using a brain-switching device, Dudley switches brains with Kitty and spends the day with Jack in Kitty's body.

The episode starts with a voicemail from Kitty's new phone (the first was destroyed in Forget Me Mutt, because Dudley thought that he was Kitty) about Kitty, but she gets angry with Dudley for destroying her things and he blames the Chief, making him angry, and then starts a message of Jack Rabbit, asking Kitty if she forgives him and invites her to go out, Dudley knows that Jack is bad (from the events of the episode The Wrong Stuff), but he sees a bowl of jelly beans and says to himself that he'd better warn the Chief and Keswick about that, but he doesn't care and starts to eat them, but the Chief complains why he's "not gonna share with them". Dudley hears that and ask the Chief why they (the Chief and Keswick) were spying on him, but Keswick says that he's only spying on the Chief, and the Chief is spying on Dudley, he tells them that Jack is tricking Kitty on her phone, in this moment appears Kitty and notes that her had a message from "someone" but Dudley destroys her new phone (first with a Blaster, and then with a Bazooka) Kitty gets angry and asks her friends who the message was from, but they run away.

Dudley asks the Chief and Keswick how to protect Kitty from Jack, Keswick asks to use a rocket, but Dudley says that's not going to work, but Keswick and the Chief decide on using the rocket. Dudley sees that he needs something more "simple" and exclaims that he's gonna to use the Brain Switcher (an invention that makes the user change bodies, but needs at least 2 people). Dudley ask himself how Kitty's going to allow them to change minds, then accidentally knocks out Kitty by slamming a door on her, and changes minds with her, and then calls Jack, asking where they are going. Jack replies that they are going to an old place named "Our Old Hangout", in which Dudley then leaves for.

Jack asks 'Kitty' about if she's still a great spy but Dudley just eats a lot and sprays Jack with water, ketchup and butter, then goes to the men's restroom (making all the men there run away), Jack then reveals his true intentions: to make Kitty give him the "Top Secret" card and give the information to Verminious Snaptrap, (who is in the same restaurant) Dudley arrives again and Jack tempts him to share T.U.F.F. secrets, by taking Dudley to all his favorite places (a Truck Monster Rally and A Fun Park). Later, Kitty wakes up and sees a badly written note left to her by Dudley, saying "Dear Kity - sory I switched brians with yoo - Dudley",. Unable to understand it, she doesn't care and goes to the women's restroom (making all the females in there run away), the looks in the mirror in the bathroom and finds out that she and Dudley changed bodies and leaves to find Dudley in Wong's Chinese Restaurant, but she is spotted by Mr. Wong who mistakes Kitty for Dudley (from the body swap), angry with Dudley because Dudley owes him $10,000 dollars and mentions that Dudley even steals, then starts to attack Kitty and she flees to T.U.F.F. HQ.

Jack and Dudley arrive at T.U.F.F. and they change their cards (the Top Secret and MoosterCard). At that moment, however, Kitty storms in, angry with Dudley for switching their brains, but Dudley tells her about Jack's plot to steal T.U.F.F. information and starts to switch their brains back, but at that moment, Snaptrap appears (with a enormous roast beef) and Kitty changes brains with Snaptrap, then Jack gives the information to Kitty (thinking she's Snaptrap) and Kitty switches brains again, but Jack shoots the Brain Switcher. At that moment, Mr Wong shows up, pursuing 'Dudley' and begins to force Dudley to pay him back, but Dudley switches brains with Jack, gives Jack's MoosterCard to Mr. Wong, arrests himself and then switches everyone's brains back.

The episode ends with the Chief and Keswick on another planet, (having arrived there with the rocket they mentioned they were planning on using earlier in the episode) but they're attacked by two Squid-like aliens, and the episode ends with an action pose.


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