"Forget Me Mutt (transcript)"
Season 1, Episode 22
Forget Me Mutt Title Card.jpg
Production Code: 111A
Airdate: April 9, 2011
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
Writer(s): Kevin Sullivan, Ray DeLaurentis, Will Schifrin
Director(s): Michelle Bryan
Storyboards by: Butch Hartman, Katie Rice
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
Dog Dish
Mind Trap

This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Forget Me Mutt" from Season 1. It aired on April 9, 2011.


(episode starts with the grand opening of the Petropolis Monotrail; trains run through the network's tubes; scene cuts to a monorail train driving through one of the tubes; Dudley sticks his head out of the window to feel the breeze)

Dudley: (sticking his tongue out) "WOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOO! This new Petropolis Monotrail is AWESOME!"

(inside the cabin; Kitty and The Chief are seated)

The Chief: (jumping up and down on the seat) "Oh, it's the flea's knees! I haven't gotten around town this fast since I lived on that cheetah."

(a bug flies into Dudley's snout)

Dudley: "NGUEAAAAAAH! Bug up the nose!"

(seated behind Kitty and The Chief, Keswick is dry heaving)

Kitty: "Keswick, are you alright?" (turns around)

Keswick: (nauseous) "Not really. I'm prone to mah-mah-motion sickness-" (turns green-faced, pulls out jar of mayonnaise) "-and that jar of warm mayonnaise I ate isn't helping." (dry heaves, turns purple-faced)

(cut to a monotrail station: people are waiting in line; Snaptrap, Larry, Francisco and Ollie arrive, holding helium balloons)

Snaptrap: "The grand opening of the new Petropolis Monotrail! And it never would have happened without me!"

Larry: "What did you do?"

Snaptrap: (enthusiastic) "I blew up the old Petropolis Monotrail! Then I burned down the library, and robbed a hospital." (giddy) "That was a super fun weekend! Sterile gauze, anyone?"

(Snaptrap walks over, ready to board a train)

Boarding Officer: (points to Bad-o-meter) "You must be at least this good to ride the monotrail."

(as Snaptrap is about to walk past the checkpoint the Bad-o-meter buzzes; "BAD" is displayed on its screen)

Bad-o-meter: (female voice; buzzes) "Reject. Reject. Reject."

Snaptrap: "Hey! You sound like my mom."

(trap door opens below Snaptrap and his gang; they fall down through a chute and into a dumpster; above, the train Dudley is in arrives at the monotrail station; Dudley is directly above the trap door opening and can hear Snaptrap through the chute)

Snaptrap: (disembodied) "This is depressing. Hey! I know what would cheer me up! Let's destroy the monotrail again... (Snaptrap's voice echoes "monotrail again" twice)

Dudley: (listening, suspicious) "Kitty, did you hear that?"

Kitty: (covers her ears; irritated) "I can't hear anything with Keswick dry heaving." (turns around; Keswick is still dry heaving)

Dudley: "I'm gonna go check somethin' out. I'll meet you guys back at T.U.F.F." (jumps out of window and dives into trap door opening; lands in the dumpster) "YOOW!" (spots Snaptrap and his cronies escape down a manhole; Dudley growls)

(meanwhile, above ground Keswick, Kitty and The Chief are leaving the monotrail station on foot)

Keswick: (green; finishes gulping down from a bottle) "This antacid isn't helping at all."

The Chief: "That's ranch dressing."

Keswick: (shocked, gulps; tries to clear throat)

(cut to D.O.O.M. headquarters in city sewer; Snaptrap and his associates are gathered around a table, sitting on toilet seats)

Snaptrap: "Welcome to our new sewer lair!"

Larry: "Ew, it stinks in here."

Snaptrap: (annoyed) "If you think this stinks, wait until I flush you into the river of goo." (pulls lever; Larry is flushed down his toilet and into a river of sewage)

Larry: "Aah! Aaaahhh!" (flows downstream)

Snaptrap: "Now, how are we gonna get revenge on those meanies..who wouldn't let us ride the monotrail?" (leans to Francisco) "Francisco?"

Francisco: (smiles) "Uhhh..we could eat 'em?"

Snaptrap: "Okay, that's just dark and disturbing. Anywho, I've got my own plan."

(Dudley has winched himself down into the sewer, Mission Impossible-style; he observes Snaptrap; Snaptrap takes out his plan on paper)

Snaptrap: (points) "Today at five o'clock, I'm gonna turn this valve.."

Ollie: "Oh, that's brilliant boss! That'll flood the entire monotrail with sewage!"

Snaptrap: "Really? I never thought of that! I just like turning valves at five o'clock. I like pulling levers at six. It's a thing; don't judge me."

Dudley: (hidden; talks into wristcom) "Chief! It's Dudley. Snaptrap is planning to do something awful!"

The Chief: (via wristcom; signal is poor) "You're breaking up! Did you say Snaptrap is planning to do something awful..or something about a flapjack and a falafel?" (static)

Dudley: "I'll take care of this myself. You're goin' down Snaptrap." (accidentally presses the "up" button on his hoist device, sending him up) "Whoops and I'm going up!"

(Dudley is pulled up and back to the surface, outside the monotrail station; as he is yanked out of the manhole, he falls upside down and hits his head on the manhole cover; he is knocked unconscious)

Kitty: (spots him) "Oh no! Dudley is out cold!" (runs)

Keswick: (still sick) "I wish that mayonnaise had been cold."

Kitty: "Dudley said Snaptrap was up to something. Let's get him back to T.U.F.F. and find out what it is." (Keswick walks up to her, about to heave)

(T.U.F.F. transition to T.U.F.F. headquarters; Kitty, The Chief and Keswick observe Dudley as he lays unconscious on an operating table)

Keswick: (holds a brain scanner over Dudley's head) "According to my brain scanner, Agent Puppy should come to in exactly fa-fa-three... two... one... NOW!" (nothing happens) "I said 'NOW!'! Oh wait, this isn't a brain scanner, it's my rah-rah-razor. Should I give him a shave, Chief?"

(Dudley sits up, sounding and looking like The Chief)

Dudley (The Chief): "NO! Just get back to work. I'm the flea's knees! I lived on a cheetah! BLAH BLAH BLAH!" (leaps off the table and hops into the Chief's office, slamming the door behind him)

Kitty: (worried) "What's wrong with Dudley?"

Keswick: "Apparently the bleu-bleh-blow to his head caused some sort of identity transference."

The Chief: (jumps onto Keswick's nose) "But why does he think he's me? Is it because I'm handsome?"

Keswick: "It's because you were the la-last person he talked to before he was knocked unconscious."

(Dudley appears on the monitors; Kitty, Keswick and The Chief are shocked)

Dudley (The Chief): "Agents, I have intel. And I'm really loud! Yell, yell, grumble, grumble, BLAH!" (voices gibberish; monitors cut to static)

The Chief: (still on Keswick's noise, literally fuming) "That's it! I'm gonna clobber him!" (pulls back his suit sleeve)

Keswick: (picks The Chief up by the collar, before he can jump off) "Wait Chief! He's been traumatized. We j-jah..just have to humor him until his memory comes back."

Kitty: (worried) I hope that's soon. Dudley's the only one who knows what Snaptrap is planning." (looks to her right)

(Dudley steps out of The Chief's office, still looking somewhat like The Chief)

Dudley (The Chief): "Agent Katswell, go catch a bad guy with your super awesome partner who does all the work!"

(Kitty glares at him; he then turns to Keswick, who is initially surprised)

Dudley (The Chief): "Keswick, build an overly complicated gadget that comically backfires!"

(Keswick gets annoyed; Dudley hops over to the real Chief, who is standing on the floor)

Dudley (The Chief): "Weird little bug agent, polish my bowling ball!" (drops a bowling ball onto The Chief, crushing him and leaving a crater in the floor) "BLAH CHEETAH!" (leaves)

Kitty: (walks over to The Chief) "Chief! Are you okay?" (holds bowling up to eye level; The Chief is stuck to it, a bit mangled)

The Chief: (dazed; speaks weakly) "Please tell me I'm still handsome." (Kitty drops the bowling ball) "Whoa-oh!" (it rolls towards The Chief's door; Dudley abruptly opens the door, slamming The Chief between it and the wall; he yells)

Dudley: (now back to normal) "What happened?" (walks over to Keswick and Kitty, who are a bit confused) "I woke up in The Chief's office. Oh Chief, some bozo broke your tiny chair." (holds out fragments of a broken office chair, in his palm)

Kitty: "Never mind that, Dudley." (slaps Dudley -- knocking the chair fragments away -- then grabs him) "You need to tell us what Snaptrap's up to!" (lets Dudley go)

Dudley: "Right! He's up to something terrible." (starts running towards the exit, without looking) "Kitty, we've gotta go!" (trips over the bowling ball and...) "Wwhoa!" (flung upside-down in mid-air towards the right; bounces off the ground for a few strides, hitting his head multiple times and concussing him; he then comes to a stop and falls over, hurt and unconscious)

Keswick: "Oh no! Not again." (Kitty is aghast; stands still)

The Chief: (uninjured; to Kitty) "He's your partner! Do something, Agent Katswell!" (flings his arms up)

(a strange voice comes from the background; The Chief turns around and to his horror, finds that Dudley looks like Kitty and has a high-pitched voice; Keswick and Kitty frown)

Dudley (Kitty): "Do what, Chief? Karate chop bad guys?" (karate chops the ground) "Act like I'm always right?" (mocks Kitty by folding his arms) "Purr when the cute water delivery guy comes?" (imitates Kitty's gestures)

Kitty: (glares defensively) "Uh! I never do that!"

(cut to Eric, the water delivery guy, as he loads a new tank onto a water cooler)

(He smiles and sparkles; Kitty and Dudley dreamily observe him from a distance; Dudley lets his tongue out and "purrs"; Kitty leans on him, purring and then popping her foot up)

The Chief: (wide-eyed) "Holy cow, that guy's more handsome than me! BLAH CHEETAH! Oh, man, I really DO that!"

Dudley (Kitty): (jumps over to a photocopier) "Paper jam! Super agent Kitty Katswell to the rescue!" (salutes) "Hi-ya!" (chops the copier apart)

(cut to Kitty's cubicle; telephone rings)

Dudley (Kitty): "Telephone! Hi-yah!" (karate chops the phone, breaking it; his tongue flaps) "E-mail!" (karate grunts and destroys Kitty's computer)

Kitty: (infuriated) "I'M GONNA CLOBBER ME! I mean "...HIM!"!" (points to Dudley)

(Eric walks past; Kitty straightens herself up and poses alluringly)

Kitty: (flirtatious; holds out a piece of paper) "Here's my number. Call me later after I get my phone fixed." (purrs and wags her tail; Eric is confused)

(back to normal, Dudley emerges from Kitty's cubicle)

Dudley: "Guys! What happened?" (jumps over to the others; Kitty is still furious) "I woke up in Kitty's cubicle. Kitty, some bozo karate chopped your computer." (Kitty's keyboard is still attached to Dudley's wrist.)

The Chief: (hops toward Dudley) "Agent Puppy, stop wasting time! You need to tell us what Snaptrap is planning!"

Dudley: "Oh, right! Snaptrap's plan! It's too horrible for words! I'll, uh, have to act it out!" (does a charade silently by grabbing a banana and pointing to it frantically)

Keswick: "Snaptrap's gone bananas?"

(Dudley points the fingers to Keswick as if to say he's correct and walks off but he slips by a banana peel and falls unconscious again)

The Chief: "Not again! What do we do now, Keswick?!"

(Dudley recovers, now as Keswick.)

Dudley (Keswick): (putting on a pair of glasses akin to Keswick's) "I can assure there are a number of options. No of which your pu-pu-puny minds can grasp".

(Keswick grins nervously at Kitty)

Dudley (Keswick): (walking into Keswick's lab) "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to work on the Lady Keswick I've been building!"

Keswick: "How do you know about that?!" (notices Kitty; blatant) "I mean, not bu-bu-building a Lady Keswick."

(The metal shudders open revealing Dudley and a robot Lady Keswick. Kitty and Keswick stare in disbelief. Dudley and the Lady Keswick smile at each other lovingly. Keswick watches in terror as the Lady Keswick's head explodes.)

Keswick: (infuriated) "Okay, now I'm going to clu-clu-clobber him!

(Keswick charges but is quickly stopped by Kitty)

Kitty: Not now, Keswick. We have to play along, remember?

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