• Dudley: "Bug up the nose!"

  • Keswick: "This anti-acid isn't helping at all!"
    • The Chief: "That's ranch dressing!"

  • Dudley: (as Kitty) "Do what, Chief? Karate chop bad guys? Act like I'm always right? Purr when the cute water delivery guy comes?"
    • Kitty: "Ugh! I never do that!" (but when the water delivery guy shows up, Kitty does purr at him)

  • Kitty: (to the water delivery guy) "Here's my number. Call me later after I get my phone fixed." (purrs and wags her tail)

  • Dudley: (as Keswick) "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to work on the Lady Keswick I've been building!"
    • Keswick: "How do you know about that?!"

  • Snaptrap: "You what they say: Revenge is a dish best served at five o'clock."
    • Ollie: "Actually, the expression is 'revenge is a dish best served cold'."
      • Snaptrap: "Cold? That doesn't make sense. A dish best served cold is mayonnaise. Are you saying revenge is mayonnaise?"

  • The Chief: "Blah cheetah! Oh, man, I really do that!"

  • Dudley: : "Laser Bone Fire!"

  • The Chief: (after getting crushed by his own bowling ball) "Please tell me I'm still handsome!"

  • Kitty: "Grr! I'm gonna clobber me-- I mean him!"

  • Kitty: "Freeze, Snaptrap! (comes through a drainpipe and does a karate pose) Ha!"

  • Dudley: (after overhearing Snaptrap's plan) "Kitty, did you hear that?"
    • Kitty: "I can't hear anything with Keswick dry-heaving!"

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