• Bird Brain: (after drinking the serum of the Bird of Powerdise flower) "I'm WIPPED! Oh, deaw. I sound widiculous."

  • Kitty: "Freeze, Zippy! And... (suddenly gets confused) muscular booby I've never seen before."
    • Bird Brain: "It is I, Bird Bwain! Or should I say Buff Bwain. I pwobably shouldn't say much, given the side effect."

  • Bird Brain: (inside the Brawny Booby) "Evewybody out! This is a wobbewy!" (all the other boobys get confused. Bird Brain sighs in frustration) "A buwglawy?!" (the other boobys are still confused) "Just get out!"

  • Kitty: "Are those yarn balls on that flower?!"

  • Dudley: "Who knew learning makes you know things?"
    • Kitty: "Everyone!"

  • Kitty: (after being trapped in a pair of shorts with Dudley by Bird Brain) "Oh, no! We'll never get out! These shorts are spandex!"

  • Dudley: "You're going down for armed robbery!"
    • Kitty: "They're not armed!"
      • Dudley: "Are you kidding me? Have you seen this man's guns?"
        • Kitty: (sighs)

  • Kitty : "Wow, I hate the rainforest!"

  • Bird Brain: "Zip it, Zippy!"

  • Bird Brain: "Blue bottoms up!"

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