Eric-Kitty Relationship

Shipped Characters:

Eric and Kitty Katswell

Start of Relationship:

Dog's Best Friend (beginning of hinting at relationship)


Possible Love Interests

Length of Relationship:

Currently Unknown

“Okay call me, text me or email me. Four kids picket fence!”
Kitty Katswell, Diary of a Mad Cat

Kitty has an intense love for Eric, the water delivery guy. She likes him so much, that she can come across as obsessive, to the point where she acts a little excessive whenever he's involved in a situation. Still, Eric appears to like her as well, and even wants to marry her.

Episodes Hinting Their Relationship

Season 1

Forget Me Mutt

  • Despite Kitty regretting the idea of her having a crush on Eric, she looks at him and sighs with a loving expression when he arrives to deliver water.
  • Kitty gives Eric her number, telling him to call her later. She even flirts with him by purring.

Dog's Best Friend

  • Eric arrives at T.U.F.F HQ to tell Kitty that he would like to go on a date with her. Their date is cancelled, however, when a giant mallet smashes him. He then gets trapped in a bottle.

Diary of a Mad Cat

  • When Eric is under Bird Brain's mind control, Kitty is stopped in her tracks and shook up, too lovestruck by his appearance to try and stop him, and even has a hard time standing.
  • When Dudley tries to stop the mind controlled Eric himself, Kitty immediately yells out "Don't hurt his gorgeous face!" and quickly pounces on Dudley in order to stop him from harming Eric.
  • As Kitty and Dudley are fired out of the room, she tells Eric to call her, text her, and even states that she wants to have four kids with him. She seems to have deluded herself into believing that he can still hear her, even though he is under Bird Brain's control.

Season 2

Til Doom Do Us Part

  • Kitty shows great interest in Eric, looking at a photo of him and hugs it, sighing affectionately.
  • Kitty wanted the flowers so that Eric would marry her.
  • It is revealed that Eric really does love Kitty. Despite the fact that he is rich, he became a water delivery guy so that he can see her. He even proposes to her and states that he named a country after her as a tribute.
  • Kitty is ecstatic that Eric wants to marry her, and instantly agrees to his proposal and hugs him, with a somewhat obsessive and crazy expression on her face.
    • However, she quickly changes her decision and tells him that she can't, since she has a mission to complete. It should be noted that she told him that she was getting "married" to Dudley as the reason for her refusal. It is unknown if she explained to him later on that her marriage to Dudley was just a ruse to lure Snaptrap into a trap, since he was targeting weddings.
    • Eric is somewhat saddened that Kitty is getting "married" although he does wish for her to have a good future.
  • While dating Peg at Dudley and Kitty's "wedding" Eric objects and tells Kitty to come away with him, despite saying that he was okay with them being together.
  • When the Chief tazed him to be quiet, Kitty was worried about his face being damaged.

Mutts and Bolts

  • When Dudley gains the ability to see into the future, Kitty eagerly asks him multiple times if she will marry Eric someday.
  • With his last remaining power to see into the future, Dudley revealed to Kitty that Eric is going marry her someday, but there is something else Dudley tries to tell her about him. While he didn't get the chance to tell her, due to his power disappearing, it appeared to be an important, even urgent detail of information.


  • Kitty is disappointed to learn that Eric has been replaced by another water delivery guy, who happens to be Eric's brother, Derek. She doesn't like him, not showing anywhere near the same affection towards him, as she does for Eric.


  • Dudley doesn't seem too fond of Eric. In Diary of a Mad Cat, he admitted that Kitty being distracted by Eric's good looks made him jealous, even making him "want to punch Eric even more." He was also somewhat upset that Kitty wanted to marry Eric in Til Doom Do Us Part, and wouldn't even give her bouquet of flowers back to her, possibly because he knew that Kitty would give it to Eric and marry him if she had it back.
    • Despite Dudley's apparent negative feelings for Eric, he doesn't always seem to mind him.
    • It's also possible that Dudley wouldn't give the bouquet back simply because he was being a dog, and he may have wanted to keep chewing it.
  • It is unknown why Kitty didn't tell Eric the truth about her fake marriage to Dudley, as it seemed rather strange that she gave up everything he offered her, when she could have just explained the situation instead. While the Chief made it clear to not tell anyone the marriage was fake, she still could have gotten what she wanted, but she chose her job over him anyway, even though he is rich enough to make up for losing her job.
    • It's possible that she's just very devoted to her duty. Despite this, she tried several times to tell him the truth, which risked the mission.
  • Considering that Dudley wanted to warn Kitty about Eric in Mutts and Bolts, it's possible that Eric is a villain of some sort, or just a very bad person in general. It was never revealed what Dudley intended to tell her.
  • Many fans detest the idea of Kitty being in a relationship with Eric. This is most likely due to the much larger Dudley-Kitty fan base in comparison, in which they believe that Dudley and Kitty should be together.
    • This is further supported by the fact that Butch Hartman announced a while ago that an episode would focus on the Dudley-Kitty pairing. However, no such episode appeared throughout the series. It is unknown why Kitty was paired with Eric in a romantic relationship instead.

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