Eric, also known as the Water Delivery Guy, is a character who has appeared in Forget Me Mutt, Dog's Best Friend, Diary of a Mad Cat, 'Til Doom Do Us Part, Mutts and Bolts and TUFF Sell. Kitty finds him attractive and even offers him her phone number. In Dog's Best Friend, he actually spoke for the first time and revealed that he and Kitty were going to go on a date, but he got smashed by a mallet and was seriously injured. In Diary of a Mad Cat, Bird Brain mind controlled him in order to combat Dudley and Kitty so that he could steal a flying contraption from the Petropolis Airspace Museum. He is voiced by Daran Norris.



  • His name was revealed in Diary of a Mad Cat.
  • Kitty refers to him as "The Future Mr. Kitty Katswell" and wants to have four children with him.
  • Dudley refers to him as "Pretty Boy" and says that even though his good looks had gotten to Kitty, it only made him jealous and made him want to punch Eric even more.
  • He is the male counterpart of Becky.
    • Both of them are attractive.
    • Both of them are the love interest of one of the two main characters.
    • Both don't work at T.U.F.F. HQ
    • Both are the same species of their crushes.
    • Both are given names of what they do at their jobs.
  • In Til Doom Do Us Part, it is revealed that Eric really does love Kitty, even though he is rich and he became a water delivery guy so he can see her. He even proposes to her and names a country after her.
  • In TUFF Sell, it is revealed that Eric has a younger brother named Derek.
  • In Mutts and Bolts, it is revealed that Eric is going to marry Kitty but there is something Dudley tries to tell her about him, he may end up being a villain or just a really bad person.


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