Purr-fect Partners

  • "And you spit when you talk."
  • "That's not yours!!!"
  • "Yo, rat dude... you have something that doesn't belong to you."
  • "Let's do this!!!"
  • "This wouldn't have happened if I had a cape."
  • "High five!"
  • "Oh, that's what I am talking about!"


  • "Who's the Cham-ah-lee-on?"
  • "Bad move, dude. I'm part boxer. Now let her go!"
  • "Hey! It's Kitty on a pogo stick!"
  • "Then we better run!"

Mall Rat

  • "Kitty may be right, so I'm gonna eat all the muffins for you. It's what heroes do."
  • "Free yogurt! Cool, I'm starving, since I never got a muffin!"
  • "You're right, this is a trap. The most awesome trap ever!"
  • "Kitty wait! You just tried to protect everyone in your own pushy, heartless, misguided,... I forgot my point."
  • "Meat flavored yogurt!"

Operation: Happy Birthday

  • "Happy Birthday Kitty!"
  • "Sorry, I wasn't really paying attention. I was playing with the Flashbaker."
  • "It's cheesecake, Snaptrap."
  • "Pizza without cheese? This is the worst day ever! Someone has to stop this mad man!"
  • "He has a cow setting!"
  • "Lets stick a candle in one of these babies and celebrate your birthday! YEEEEEAH!
  • "CAAAAAAAKE!!!!!"
  • "Chief? We're in position."


  • "WHERE IS KESWICK WITH THE DONUTS?! He's been gone for twelve hours!"
  • "In dog years, that's TWELVE HOURS."
  • "...AND THE DONUTS!"


  • "Ooh! Bad place for a cactus garden!"
  • "Wait, this is atomic?!"
  • "Or your cleaning lady! Who you should really have come in twice a week, there are bird droppings everywhere."
  • "That's not a criminal. That's my mom."
  • "Desiree's not gonna like this!"
  • "And this is my secretary, Kitty."

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

  • "I'll return with regular progress reports."
  • "Will you tell me a story?"
  • "I don't like that story."
  • "Uh, my tail's caught in the door."
  • "Prison's too good for Snaptrap. My hat and I have a better idea."
  • "I drained the pool to look for clues. There weren't any."
  • "Five a.m. and no sign of the bad guy. Five a.m. and 3 seconds and no sign of the bad guy. Five a.m. and five seconds and no sign of the bad guy."
  • "Oh, okay. You can have your alone time right now! I'm going to save the ship! Alone!"
  • "I drained the pool to look for clues. There weren't any."
  • "Whats intel?"
  • "Ooh he left his hat!"
  • "Initial here, here and here."

Puppy Love

  • "Oooh, you made me so happy!"
  • "I'd be honored, Miss Oui Oui."
  • "Mmmmmm, that's good toilet water."
  • "Will you marry me Fifi?!"

Toast of T.U.F.F.

  • "I was just gonna tape some bread to my stomach and butt."
  • "Tape something to your butt!"
  • "How would you like it if we went to your house and made toast!"
  • "Yeah, but someone had to eat all the peanut butter. And without a glass of milk!"
  • "Back off, R.I.T.A!"


  • "I'm not, this is the water fountain."
  • "Ohhh, someone should hang a sign. In the meantime, NOBODY DRINK FROM THE WATER FOUNTAIN!"
  • "I told you to hang a sign!"
  • "Boy, we really got schmoodled."
  • "Nah, we're good. We got this campfire and this ugly shoe to chew on!"
  • "Wait a minute! I'd recognize that tongue everywhere!"
  • "Prove it."
  • "Yes, is "I. M. Stinky" there?"
  • "Yes, is "Anita Bath" there?"
  • "I'll buy you were Bunny the real estate agent, and Agent Weasleman, but there's no way you were Agent Rodentski."

Dog Daze

  • "I bet this thing gets like, no mileage."
  • "Sorry, you know what they say. Came in one year, get out the other."
  • "Ooh a penny. My bad, just a bottle cap."
  • "I was pretty, right?"
  • "Okay, can I still be pretty?"
  • "I don't know. One minute I was fine ant the next I thought I was a woodpecker and a pretty princess and a....I was pretty right ?"
  • "Hang over, it's my bone phone."
  • "Kitty's right. Maybe I do need a little break. Ooh, I got an e-mail."
  • "I can't believe this is happening to me Kitty. I'm nothing without T.U.F.F. If I can't be a secret agent, I'm gonna live the rest of my days in solitude."
  • "Kitty, is that you ? It's strange to see a familiar face after living in solitude for so long."
  • "That's right Snaptrap! and now it's time for a taste of your own CRAZY medicine !"
  • "Thanks for believing in me Kitty! I missed you so much !"
  • "I've got mutton chops with my puppachino !"

Internal Affairs

  • "Kitty's at the movies Chief. She lost a bet and had to take Keswick. Hey! Why don't you rescue the general with me ?"
  • "Cool, a giant spider. I mean arghhhh! A giant spider!
  • "Eww, why is everything so gross when you're tiny?!"
  • "He's trying to drown us! Why did I play with that shrink-ray?! Oh right, the cookie. It was worth it."
  • "You did it Chief ! You and your weird foot are heroes !"

Chilly Dog

  • '"On it, Chief! Kitty and I will figure out who's stealing those ice circles."
  • "I'm telling you, it's the old lady. YOU ARE GOING DOWN, GRANDMA!"
  • "That's not a pattern, I spilled mustard on my leotard!"
  • "Someone will find us eventually, and you and you're old lady mastermind are going down!"
  • "Check It out Kitty, I used your razor to shave my legs, and my back... and that guy!
  • "I learn a lot in the car! I like the car!"
  • "I may have gotten a little carried away."
  • "I am never taking this off!"
  • "I'm watching you, grandma!!!"

The Doomies

  • "Looks like Bird Brain is egg-stinct! Wow, Bird Brain was right. Egg puns are egg-citing!"
  • "Ooh! It's ticking!"
  • "Yeah, well I heard there's gonna be shrimp there so I made out of my pants a shrimp sack."
  • "Here, have a shrimp. It fell on the floor. Yummy!"

Thunder Dog

  • "I would have saved his juice box too, but there just wasn't time."
  • "No way. I was born without the fear gene. And the gene that tells you when your tail's on fire."
  • "What? No, I'm not scared of thunder. There's a (looks around) bomb under here. Booom! It's okay, I shielded everyone from the blast!"
  • "Oh yeah? Then how do you explain the boom sound."
  • "I can't..I uh..accidentally hand-cuffed myself to this ship's anchor."
  • (to Kitty) "I'm not afraid of thunder! I was just checking out your scalp. You've gotten a lot of gray hair since we started working together. Probably just a coincidence."
  • "I'd like to Kitty, but I accidentally chained myself to this aircraft carrier."
  • "I'm sorry Kitty. I'm a coward. I don't deserve all these medals! Hey, weird possum lady, you're very brave for wearing that outfit in public. You deserve these more then I do."
  • "You know, I think I am. Thunder can't hurt me. Though I wish I could say the same about THIS CACTUS I FELL ON !"
  • "I'd love to go...but I accidentally chained myself to this space shuttle."

Snap Dad

  • "And he's dating my MOM!"
  • "Are you two on a DATE!"
  • "Why do I always miss the Easter bunny?!"
  • "We're good guys! And guys don't steal!"
  • "We're good guys REMEMBER?"

Iron Mutt

  • "Does this make my butt look big?"
  • "I'm in it!"
  • "Well, I-I'm not Iron Mutt...I'm just an ordinary, average (ladies rush to him)... super awesome hero maned Iron Muuuuut !"
  • "I meant to do that.'
  • "Glad you could make it sidekick! Say something funny! Sidekicks should be funny!"
  • "I understand. You feel left out of action. I know, you can answer my fan mail!"
  • (reading the mail) "Okay: Iron Mutt rocks, I love Iron Mutt,....ohhh, an invitation!"
  • "Well that sounds totally legitimate."
  • "Wow, it's great to be in the presence of so many awesome superheroes that I've never heard of !"
  • "She's not my unfunny side kick! She's Kitty Katswell, my unfunny partner!"
  • "I have the corn, it's not that good."
  • "You bet. Next time, you can wear the suit and I'll be unfunny."
  • "Can you find the letter A?"
  • "I'm Iron Mutt!"

The Wrong Stuff

  • "Sometimes I dream I'm the best agent T.U.F.F. ever had. In fact, I just had that dream in the conference room.Then I dreamt I was playing checkers with a snake. I double jumped him, and he bit me."
  • "Just so you know, I've got my own theme music too."
  • "Something about this guy, rubs me the wrong way."
  • "Puppy Punch. There is no substitute."
  • "We can't let Kitty leave T.U.F.F. I'm lost without her.(screaming) Kitty, where am I ?"
  • "Just give them some ice-cream and they'll go away.
  • "My name is Bob... Bob, uh... (looks at the toilet sign) Mens-room. I play this guitar thingy."
  • "My name's: Don't walk on the grass!
  • "Hey there, little cat girl, care for a fishcicle?"
  • "That's Mr. Stay-off-the-grass! No, wait, he's got me confused."
  • "I guess I was wrong about Jack...and now because of me, Kitty might go work for S.T.U.F.F. I gotta apologize to her."
  • "Oh yeah? Well I beat a snake at checkers-in my dreams!"
  • "Thanks Kitty, how about a little victory music?"

Watch Dog

  • "Wrong Kitty, cause you're going down, to level 6. Non reserved visitor's parking."
  • (crying) "It's just like second grade!"
  • "Second grade, I'm come. I will dominate !"
  • "Alright, I'll go to the bakery! Or I could set this watch back one minute and risk horribly altering reality to beat Kitty to that doughnut.. GOING WITH THE WATCH !"
  • "Excuse me. Uh, there's a pantsless lady dog back there talking in slow motion to a shiny object."
  • "WOW, super specific law."
  • "Okay, a new plan A: Go to the gift shop and buy smoothing ointment."
  • "Don't tell me, it's super specific and about not wearing pants."
  • "Guys, you have to believe me. In my world you're all heroes. And not wearing pants is OK !"
  • "I really need to go to the bathroom."

Dog Dish

  • "I can't let this come stop me from being a super cool agent."
  • "Let's get him."
  • Will you scratch my butt little bird.
  • Little birds battalion, attack!
  • "Sorry Kitty but I can't see anything wit this stupid cone head! But on the bright side, it covered with chocolate-covered raisins and root-beer!"

Forget Me Mutt

  • "Do what, Chief? Karate chop bad guys, act like I'm always right, purr when the cute Water Delivery Guy comes in? (Thinking he is Kitty)
  • "Paper jam! Agent Kitty Katswell to the rescue! HIYAAA!
  • "Telephone! HIYAA! E-Mail! HIYAA!"
  • "I assure there are a number of options. None of which your p-p-puny mind can handle!" (Thinking he is Keswick)
  • "I'm not Agent P-P-Puppy! I'm Keswick and I drink ranch dressing!"
  • "Wierd little bug agent polish my bowling ball! BLAH CHEETAH!" (Thinking he is The Chief)
  • "It is I, Verminious Snaptrap!" (Thinking he is Snaptrap)
  • "Jinx! You owe me a root beer!"
  • "The super-villain who is allergic to cheese! and lives with his mom!"
  • "Laser bone,fire!"

Mind Trap

  • "You read my mind."
  • "Let's see what Mr.Critical thinks of me!" (Puts on Mind Reading Helmet)
  • "You think I'm a slob!?"
  • "That cut like a knife."
  • "Who needs this many bear traps!?"

Kid Stuff

  • "Oh boy! Puppets!"
  • "Can we fight children in the presence of bad guys? No wait why would we do that?
  • "Well he said you had candy."
  • "Man I love cake."
  • "Don't thank me, thanks the bomb defusing platypus."
  • "Of course I know Rule 857. Everything I stand for is based on Rule 857."

Super Duper Crime Busters

  • "Hey TV fans. I'm T.U.F.F. agent and Super Duper Crime Buster Dudley Pudley! Wait, can we cut that ?"
  • "Every day I lay my life on the line to keep Petropolis safe.(people scream around with fear)"
  • "It's the police. They probably want my help on a case."
  • (while Dudley is charged by the police) "It's cool. I'll show them my T.U.F.F. badge and clear things up."
  • (after being released) "Oh, sweet freedom! I've saw things in jail that no one should have ever seen!"
  • "Kitty, we can see you in the snack room."
  • "Chief, don't go after the light !"
  • "We can't stop this thing, Kitty! I'm scared, and I wanna go home!"

Mission: Really Big Mission

  • "And my jerky!"
  • "Jerky?"
  • "Beep...Beep...Beep!"
  • "Thats cute kid. But we're on official government-"

Frisky Business

  • "I'll be fine, Mom. See, I already brushed my hair and combed my teeth."
  • "Why do we have a second basement?!"
  • (while entering T.U.F.F. HQ) "FREEDOM !"
  • "Hey guys, guess who's out of town? It's my mom. Guess how long she's gone? Three days.Guess who fell down the stairs? I did. Guess how many times? Not sure, I blacked out. Boy you are slow guessers."
  • "Whoa, three days without mom what am I gonna do? ANYTHING I WAAAANT!!!"
  • (bomb explodes) "Hey Kitty, your fur's messed up. I'd give you my comb, but there's toothpaste on it."
  • "Hey guys. Guess who has a wild party at my house tonight? Me. Guess who met a girl? The stray gorilla. All I did was fall down the stairs again."
  • "Worth, every, penny ! Actually I have no idea what they cost. I just give him my mom's credit card."
  • "No, motorcycle magic always makes me sleepy. Also, I was up last night. The stray gorilla ate my pillow."
  • "Mmm, my. Nothing like a nap to recharge your battery. Boy you look awful, maybe you should take a nap?"
  • "Aah, the light. It burns!"
  • "I need my mommy!"
  • "AHH! I'm naked! Nobody look!"
  • "Guess who fell down the stairs? I did."
  • "AHHHHH! Why does everyone know that but me!!"
  • "Ahh, how do you know these things. (falls in the garbage) Teach me."
  • "Really? Will you teach me how to turn on the lights?"

Hot Dog

  • "Guess who's entering the dog show?"
  • "Don't worry Kitty, I'm okay! I took the other parachute for my fur, but it turns out I didn't need it."
  • "I'm sorry Kitty, It's just that I've never won anything before....Well I did win a STAY OUT OF THE OFFICE FOR A WEEK!...but I think Chief just made that up."
  • "Who's gonna win a mail man? Your gonna win a mail man."
  • "Right, what's the second best way ?"
  • "First of all, I'm not hot! And second of all...I don't hallucinate. If you don't believe me ask that mermaid on a unicycle."
  • "Put the razor down!!"
  • "You're right, Kitty's important too. But last time I checked, you don't get a mailman for saving Kitty."
  • "You're way softer than Andy."

Disobedience School

  • "Who's ready for Lava Land!?"
  • "Okay, lets go to Lava Land!"
  • "Don't hurt me! I've never been to Lava Land, and I just got this magnet!"

The Dog Who Cried Fish

  • "Save us, grilled cheese army!"
  • "It's not a mackerel! It's a cod, in a cape!"
  • "Ok, I've got a plan. We'll need 50 thousand tones of concrete to rebuilt the damb, and the world's biggest sponge to absorb all the water."
  • "Great, now what will I do with the worlds biggest sponge?"

Doom and Gloom

  • "That tiara really brings out the crazy in his eyes."
  • "Well, you're about to trade your gown for some prison stripes. You're going away fro 3 to 5 years!"
  • "And I've used my extra time to do something really important. I'm gonna break the world record for unicycle juggling!"
  • "Wait, if he's good, then why do we have to catch him ?"
  • "You're grinding an axe, and eating sour grapes. Also, all those pictures od Murray with darts in them."
  • "Sorry Kitty, the stairs didn't take that long but I had to use the bathroom and Snaptrap's mom was in there!" (shivers)
  • "We're done here Kitty! (toilet flush) And so is Snaptrap's mom!"
  • "I'm still juggling!"
  • "I'm awesome!"
  • "Somebody time me!"
  • "If he's good, why are we after him?"

Law and Odor

  • "Go panthers!"
  • "This is Cherry soda Chief."
  • "Oh come on!! Is that even a real thing?!"
  • "Kitty, do you smell something?"

The Rat Pack

  • "All right, Snaptrap! Put your hands in the air!"
  • "Chief. If I tell you something, do you promise not to be upset?
  • "I said poop!"
  • "Okay, it looks like you have a hornet in your pants!!"

Booby Trap

  • "It was delicious Chief....I mean....the janitor stole it."
  • "Oh, so he can chew stuff but I can't ?"
  • "JAIL! It's next to the courthouse on Main Street.! Boy they're irritating. Kitty, do you have a taser on you ?"
  • "Yes, I'm a booby too."
  • "And that piece of paper I dropped is not a receipt from Booby Costumes n' Things."
  • "I think, he's buying it."
  • "Cock-a-doooodle-doo! I like pizza! Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha!"
  • "Hey, that's my letter to Santa!"
  • "I was really good this year and I deserve a lot of stuff!"
  • (his letter is cut)"NOOOO! You monster! I drew a special picture of me and Santa and everything."
  • "Kitty, he just shredded your autographed poster of teen sensation Justin Timberwolf!"
  • "But how ? These bars are made of solid wicker! Wait, why are these bars made of wicker?"
  • "Do you have an wicker baskets?"
  • "YES, wait, boobies can fly?"
  • "Boy. That is one crazy booby."

Snappy Campers

  • "Hey Kitty! I made s'mores in your fireplace!"
  • "Look Kitty! I made a pot holder all by myself!"
  • "No wait that kids not dancing. He got stung by a wasp."
  • "Why do I smell wet dog?"
  • "When did you do this?"

Lucky Duck

  • "Chief it's nine o'clock! Quacky the Duck is on!"
  • "Didley! Quacky said Didley, now my name is Didley."
  • "Good news Mister Network President! You get to go in the Quack Sac!"

The Curse of King Mutt

  • "The museum?! Aaawww! What did we do wrong?"
  • "I might've. I bury stuff all the time-it's a dog like thing. Like chasing squirrels and making your own pasta sauce."
  • "Wow, an actual king. You know my friend Phil comes from royalty...his uncle's a duke...or maybe his name is Duke? The point is he has a pool table."
  • "To the bus!"
  • "Relax! It's not like the curse is real."
  • "Sorry Kitty, when I get nervous I bite my tail. (bites Kitty's tail) Oh, I was wondering why I couldn't feel it."
  • "Aaaah! King Mutt! Don't hurt me, I don't remember where I buried it! Would you settle for Kitty's lip gloss?!"
  • "Ooh, Kitty's rocket boots. I wonder if the mummy would settle for these."
  • "The mask was totally worth the 25 Dollars i found in you wallet Kitty."
  • "Kitty, I think I buried myself !"
  • "Hello?! There's dirt in my nose...and other places!"

Bored of Education

  • "You can smell the fear."
  • "I'm gonna teach the kids how to defuse a live grenade!"
  • "You wanna answer this one Kitty?"
  • "I know I just like talking like this! I ALSO LIKE TALKING LIKE THIS!!"
  • "Adios, muchachos! I also like talking in French!"

Guard Dog

  • "I'm here Kitty. I went undercover as your luggage. Also, I wanted you to carry me."
  • "Does anyone have a handcuff saw?!"
  • "Choo Choo! Choo Choo!"
  • "Kitty, hand me my conductors hat and whistle!"
  • "Sorry Kitty, we're entering a tunnel."
  • "Just me."

Dog Save the Queen

  • "No way."
  • "Okay Biff, no one here is the Chameleon! But don't worry, I'll keep spitting hot tea on people until I find him. It's what heroes do."
  • "Check it out ! My big furry hat is awesome. I can hide a cake in it !"
  • "You have nothing to fear from the Chameleon....unless of course, you are the Chameleon !"
  • "Kitty! The Chameleon got into the palace and I swear I wasn't chasing the bacon lady."
  • "Oh no that means I ate my badge!"
  • "And I wasn't chasing the bacon lady!!"

A Doomed Christmas

  • "That's what I said racecar bed."
  • "Does this in any way affect the delivery of my race car bed?!"
  • "Is it a million dollars?"
  • "NO I DON'T!!!"
  • "I'm gonna catch a snowflake on my tongue!"

Big Dog on Campus

  • "I think you were standing to close to the bomb."
  • "There's R. Suspect."
  • "You hit me with a chair!"
  • "Kitty, stop stepping on my clown shoes."
  • "Set your ray gun to mashed potatoes!!"

Dog's Best Friend

  • "INTRUDER!!!!"
  • "Ooohh! Now it's a sporty tank top!"
  • "YAAYYY!!!!"
  • "Would you like to spend every waking moments of our lives together?!"

Monkey Business

  • "Like I can help it?! Hoooooowwwwwwwwlllllll!!!!"

Diary of a Mad Cat

  • "Freeze Snaptrap! Drop the ukulele, and step away from the boogie boards."
  • "What kind of candy?"

Dudley Do-Wrong

  • "This is Puppy Headquarters, Agent T.U.F.F. speaking! Sorry, the phone startled me and I panicked."

Lie Like a Dog

  • "But I love Petropolis! Except for back to Phil's lane, I hate that street!"
  • "That's because my ringtone is broken."

Cold Fish

  • "No way. Wearing pants goes against everything I believe in. And just so you know, wearing shorts goes against half of the stuff I believe in."

Quack in the Box

  • "She helped me sound out big words like phonics and fox!"
  • "Can't stop me nothing!"
Dudley Puppy

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