Dudley and Kitty, for many years, were the subject of speculation and "shipping" (the act of pairing characters together romantically).

“Okay, pretty boy. Your good looks may have gotten to Kitty, but they just make me jealous and want to punch you even more!”
Dudley Puppy, Diary of a Mad Cat

Though it seems to start as a love/hate relationship, Dudley and Kitty's relationship began to soften as they warmed up to one another. During T.U.F.F. Puppy's run, this led to many rumors that Dudley and Kitty's relationship was bordering on that of romance. Although these rumors are mostly false, the pairing has remained a mainstay among the show's following.

On a stream done by Hartman in December of 2017, he stated that he personally viewed them having more of a brother-sister relationship instead of a romantic relationship, albeit recognizing the romantic aspects of the pairing. [1]


  • Kudley, a term for the pairing which is popular among fans, is a homophone of the word "cuddly".



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