Dudley-Kitty Relationship

Shipped Characters:

Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell

Start of Relationship:

Purr-fect Partners (platonic)
N/A (romantic)


Best Friends

Length of Relationship:

Entire series

“Okay, pretty boy. Your good looks may have gotten to Kitty, but they just make me jealous and want to punch you even more!”
Dudley Puppy, Diary of a Mad Cat

There are rumors, among many fans, that Dudley and Kitty have a relationship. Though, it seems to start as a love/hate relationship, they begin to warm up to one another and their relationship starts to develop.

Butch Hartman, during December of 2011, confirmed that there would be a half-hour episode that might show their relationship become more apparent.[1] He later revealed, during February of 2012, that it would be airing around the summer or fall 2012 time period. [2] It is assumed that he was referring to Til Doom Do Us Part, which strangely aired in the US two years later.

On a stream done by Hartman in December of 2017, he stated that he personally viewed them having more of a brother-sister relationship instead of a romantic relationship. [3]

Episodes Hinting Their Relationship:

Season 1

Purr-fect Partners

  • After stopping D.O.O.M. with Dudley, Kitty is more open to the idea of working with him ("Maybe he's not such a bad guy. This just might work out.")
  • Kitty tells Dudley that he should pay more attention to her (although Dudley at the time is goofing off).


  • Dudley wanted to protect Kitty from the Chameleon.
  • Dudley felt really bad that he destroyed Kitty's place, but remarked after that it was okay as long as she was safe.
  • Kitty thanked Dudley for saving her.

Mall Rat

  • Dudley tried to cheer Kitty up when she was depressed because she thought her instincts were wrong.
  • When everyone doubts Kitty's plan to save them, Dudley is the only one who still has trust in her, convincing everyone to go along with the plan because he believes "She has good instincts!", Kitty smiles after.
  • Kitty thanks Dudley for believing in her when nobody else would.

Operation: Happy Birthday

  • Dudley is the only one who doesn't run away from Kitty after she injures everyone who tried to throw her a surprise birthday party.
  • Dudley spends the entire episode trying to make sure Kitty has the best birthday ever.
  • Kitty thanks Dudley for giving her the gift she wanted (catching a villain) and because of him, says this is the best birthday she ever had.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

  • Dudley wanted to spend his vacation time with Kitty.
  • Kitty allowed Dudley to sleep in her bed with her (though he slept on top of her sheets while she sleeps under them).
  • Kitty explained that she didn't mean to hurt Dudley's feelings when she was lying about the stake out.

Puppy Love

  • When trying to convince Fifi to date Dudley, Kitty admits that she thinks Dudley is a really good guy.
  • Kitty helps Dudley with Fifi.
  • When Kitty tells Dudley to think that Fifi is one of his friends, maybe she wanted Dudley to reflect Kitty on Fifi.

Toast of T.U.F.F.

  • Kitty dives off a cliff to save Dudley.
  • Dudley immediately hugs Kitty for comfort when they mourn the supposed death of Keswick.
  • This is the first episode in which Kitty and Dudley don't fight at all.


  • Although Kitty is far more mature than Dudley, she still laughs with him at his pranks on D.O.O.M.
  • When Dudley pulled a prank on Snaptrap (hitting him with a rubber band), Kitty and Dudley do a secret handshake while smiling at each other. (Note this handshake is called French Fries.)

Dog Daze

  • Kitty smiles when Dudley shows up next to her (when he is turned into a crazy woodpecker).
  • Kitty was the only one who felt sorry for Dudley when he was fired from T.U.F.F.
  • Kitty shows great concern for Dudley.
  • Kitty is the only one who accompanies Dudley to the bus to watch him leave.
  • Kitty admits she thought Dudley looked pretty.
  • Kitty still believes in Dudley while everyone else believes him to be insane, showing she understands him more than anyone else does.
  • Kitty is elated when she finds Dudley in the coffee shop.
  • Dudley keeps a picture of him and Kitty at his desk.
  • Kitty gets a picture of Dudley and her on her desk when Dudley is re-hired at T.U.F.F.
  • Dudley thanks Kitty for believing in him, and tells her he missed her so much before hugging her. Kitty admits she also missed him as well and returns the close hug.

Internal Affairs

  • Even though Kitty knows both Dudley and the Chief were swallowed by the Chameleon, she only asks if Dudley is okay.
  • Once Dudley returns to his normal size, Kitty smiles at him right before he becomes a Monster Dog.

Chilly Dog

  • In a part of the final act of skating of Dudley and Kitty, they hold hands and they exchange glances of love.

The Doomies

  • Dudley holds on to Kitty closely when grappling on to the hangars.
  • Kitty trusts Dudley to make the necessary moves to save them instead of doing so herself (tossing him the bobblehead grappler).

Thunder Dog

  • Kitty spends the entire episode trying to help Dudley get over his fear of thunder.
  • After Dudley admits his fear of thunder and loses his confidence, Kitty is able to give him his confidence back by giving Dudley her collar (pretending it's a bravery collar made by Keswick).
  • Kitty was blushing behind Dudley after he said her collar really did make him brave.

Snap Dad

  • Kitty worries for Dudley, for the alleged crime was committed by Snaptrap against Peg Puppy.

Iron Mutt

  • Kitty gets frustrated when Dudley doesn't see her as his partner.
  • When asked for his last words, Dudley says that Kitty means far more to him than the suit or fame.
  • Despite Dudley's arrogant and displeasing attitude throughout the episode, Kitty still believes that Dudley is still a good agent.

The Wrong Stuff

  • When Jack is holding Kitty's hands, Dudley coughs erratically to get her attention.
  • Dudley mentions he would be lost without Kitty.
  • Dudley is extremely jealous that Kitty is paying so much attention to Jack, and even spies on her.
  • When Jack tries to convince Kitty to join S.T.U.F.F. Kitty turns down his offer and mentions that she actually really likes Dudley.
  • After Dudley saves Kitty, he uses romantic dance moves on her briefly before spinning her out of the room.
  • Kitty thanks Dudley for saving her and tells him he is the best partner she could ever ask for.

Watch Dog

  • When Dudley saw Kitty making copies of a drawing (that The Chief drew for Snaptrap), he hugged her. He doesn't hug anybody else when greeting them in the alternate reality.
  • Dudley tries really hard to make Kitty remember him.
  • Kitty saves Dudley from certain death when he is catapulted into the shark tank.
  • Kitty and Dudley hold hands, with Kitty thanking Dudley for helping, right before Dudley is teleported back to the original reality in present day.
  • When Dudley goes back to the present day, the first thing he does is hug Kitty once again and says "Kitty, this is awesome!"
  • When Dudley is wearing pants, Kitty smiles at him.

Dog Dish

  • Kitty is the only one who is sensitive to Dudley's feelings and doesn't laugh when he has to wear the cone.
  • When Dudley loses all faith in himself and says he's useless to everyone but the birds, Kitty said she would argue with Dudley...but she was handcuffed to the consessions lady and blown up by a torpedo. This shows that Kitty really felt bad about how the cone was affecting her friends job and confidence.
  • Despite being disabled by the cone and having lost his confidence, Dudley immediately rushes to save Kitty when he hears her cries for help.
  • After defeating Snaptrap, Kitty smiles at Dudley while giving a high-five at each other.

Mind Trap

  • While in the Hockey game, Kitty wears a #99 on her shirt, and Dudley wears a #86 on his Shirt, which shows how these two are mirroring Agents 86 and 99 from Get Smart, where both of these agents fell in love, and eventually married.
  • After Kitty asks Dudley "Do you know what this means?", Dudley replies that he does, but then says that he "likes it better when she says it".

Forget Me Mutt

  • When Dudley is Snaptrap, Kitty says "Snaptrap, say hello to Dudley." And once Dudley is distracted she says "Sorry Partner..." and chops him in the head, which shows she cares and didn't want to hurt him.
  • Once Snaptrap is captured and beaten up by the other members of D.O.O.M, Kitty and Dudley look at each other with a love glare in their eyes.

Kid Stuff

  • Kitty excitedly hugs Dudley after he disarms the bomb, and he has a big smile when she does it.
  • Kitty feels sorry for dudley after quacks had is bodyguards throw him down a flight of stairs.

Super Duper Crime Busters

  • When Kitty and Dudley return from space, they smile at each other once they return to T.U.F.F. Headquarters.
  • When Dudley is crying Kitty is the only one who comforts him.

Mission: Really Big Mission

  • Kitty and Dudley smile at each other before going to destroy the meteor.
  • Dudley offers to give Kitty his kids' meal toys when he ate her food.
  • Kitty states that she is honored to work with Dudley.
  • Kitty hugs Dudley after saving the Earth from being destroyed.

Frisky Business

  • Kitty goes to check on Dudley at his house when he does not come in to work one day.
  • Dudley begs Kitty not to leave him and to help him clean up the house before his mom gets home.
  • Kitty calls in the other TUFF agents to help Dudley clean his house.

Hot Dog

  • Throughout the episode, Kitty tries to be patient with Dudley and his obsession with his fur.
  • When Dudley agrees to save Petropolis before going to the dog show, Kitty hugs him showing that she is proud of him.
  • Kitty shaves her fur even being in presence of Dudley, showing she doesn't matter to be techically "naked" in front of Dudley.
  • Dudley decides to shave his fur, relinquishing his dream of winning the dog show, to save Kitty from being barbequed.
  • Even though the Chameleon noticed that Dudley shaved really badly, Kitty doesn't care how Dudley shaved at all, and was actually happy that Dudley chose to save her.
  • Kitty apologizes to Dudley, since he had to shave his fur and give up the dog show, and when Dudley is upset, he hugs kitty, and she hugs him back, and he says to her "You're way softer than Andy."

Disobedience School

  • Kitty apologized to Dudley that she, Keswick and the Chief went to Lava Land without him and wanted to make it up to him.

The Dog Who Cried Fish

  • Kitty apologized to Dudley for not believing in him about the Caped Cod.

Law and Odor

  • Kitty is worried about Dudley's sensitive nose.

The Rat Pack

  • When Dudley and Kitty split up to take out the Snaptrap clones they get run over and Dudley says,"Lets never split up again!"

Booby Trap

  • Kitty smiles at Dudley when Dudley tells her he has a plan for Birdbrain's Crime Spree.
  • When Dudley supposedly falls to his death, Kitty yells "DUDLEY!" which shows how worried she was when she saw him jump.
  • When Dudley is hanging from the ledge, Kitty grabs his hand and they smile at each other for a brief moment.

The Curse of King Mutt

  • Kitty lets Dudley stand on her shoulders when they dress up as King Mutt.

Bored of Education

  • Kitty is the first person to admit she's sorry to Dudley for lying to him.

Snappy Campers

  • Dudley helped Kitty out of the tent when the chandelier fell on her.
  • Dudley offers Kitty some of his s'mores.
  • Dudley bulit a fireplace for Kitty.
  • Dudley made a piece of pottery for kitty.

Lucky Duck

  • Dudley chose Kitty to come with him to go to Quacky's scavenger hunt.

Guard Dog

  • Dudley trusted Kitty to hold on to his conductor's hat and train whistle.
  • Kitty congratulated Dudley for capturing Snaptrap.

Dog Save the Queen

  • When Kitty's umbrella makes her blow in the wind she shouts, "Dudley, HELP!!!"
  • Dudley says sorry to Kitty when shes blown into the breeze.This means Dudley wanted to help her but couldn't.
  • Kitty hung onto Dudley when they were flying with the umbrella.

A Doomed Christmas

  • When Dudley gives Randy his race car bed, Kitty says it's the nicest thing she's ever seen Dudley do. Dudley soon hugs her afterward. Kitty looks stuned when he did this.

Big Dog on Campus

  • Dudley and Kitty slow-dance while trying to find their suspect.
  • Kitty comforts Dudley saying it does not matter what other people think of him, it's how Dudley felt on the inside that counts.

Dog's Best Friend

  • Kitty waits for Dudley to push the red emergency button, knowing that he likes to do that.

Dudley Do-Wrong

  • Kitty cheers for Dudley as he was beating up the Mayor, whom they mistake for the Chameleon is disguise.
  • Dudley allows Kitty to get on his back when they escape from the mayor's bodyguards on the broken unicycle.

Puppy Unplugged

  • When the T.U.F.F Shuttle is about to be burned by the sun, Dudley and Kitty hug each other in their "last moments."

Top Dog

  • Kitty was the first person to endure Dudley's training meaning he wants Kitty to be more alert.
  • Dudley asked Kitty for a hug before she left T.U.F.F. in which she smiled when she heard it.
  • After catching F.L.O.P.P., Kitty says "Your stupid training finally paid off." right before Escape Goat found his key.

Quack in the Box

  • Dudley asked Kitty why does she like him, suggesting that he likes her too.
  • Dudley asked Kitty to prove his innocence, and Kitty responds by saying that she'll do what she can to prove him innocent.

Monkey Business

  • Near the end, Dudley decides to perform with The Hunky Monkeys. After the performance is done, Kitty is awestruck.
  • While Dudley and the Hunky Monkeys are singing "Girl" in the end, you can see Dudley looking at Kitty while she is awestuck.

Diary of a Mad Cat

  • After Dudley loses the game show because of his lack of knowledge about Kitty, he decides to start knowing more about Kitty.
  • When Eric is shown and Kitty is all shaken up with love from seeing him, Dudley states that the way he got Kitty with his good looks and got him very jealous made him want to punch Eric more.
  • Kitty tells Dudley he can have her and the candy after Dudley states he can't choose between the two.
  • When Kitty hid in her cupboards to hide her shame, Dudley arrived to cheer her up, telling her that he'd rather have no one else as his partner than her. This makes Kitty cry tears of joy and the two hug soon afterward.

Lie Like a Dog

  • After Dudley apologized to Kitty, Keswick, and the Chief for lying to them, Kitty looks at him with a love glare saying they forgive him.

Cold Fish

  • When the iceberg is about to collapse and Dudley is trying to swim back up before he freezes to death, Kitty states "Come on Dudley, you can do it!", meaning she has faith in him that he can succeed.

Season 2

Pup Daddy

  • Teenage Kitty does a "guess who" on Dudley while he's driving, which is a stereotypical sign of showing a crush.
  • Adult Kitty hides behind Dudley for protection when she sees Keswick dancing.

Candy Cane-ine

  • Dudley kept asking Kitty to carry him.
  • Kitty apologizes to Dudley for eating his last candy bar and gives him another one to replace it.

Freaky Spy-Day

  • Dudley switches brains with Kitty so he can protect her from Jack.
  • Kitty thanks Dudley for switching brains with her because she knew that Dudley was looking out for her.
  • Kitty was quick to defend Dudley after Jack Rabbit called him a "moron".

Dog Tired

  • Kitty is the only one who was concerned for Dudley when he was asleep.
  • Kitty smiles when Dudley wakes up from his deep sleep.
  • Dudley and Kitty get married in Dudley's dream, Dudley even sliding the ring onto her finger while smiling. He became terrified when Kitty tried to kiss him, however.

Dog House

  • Kitty was interested in coming to Dudley's party and even him complements on his new home.
  • Even though Kitty dances, Dudley does not insult it this time.

Time Waits for No Mutt

  • Dudley gives Kitty some of the money he made from his movie.
  • Kitty congratulates Dudley for arriving to work on time and says "I knew you could do it!" Then when Dudley asks her why was her stuff in his desk, she just hugs him saying "Great to have you back, buddy!"

Love Bird

  • Kitty wants Dudley and Becky to be open to each other about their love.

Bluff Puppy

  • Kitty saved Dudley from the stampeding crowd in Chinatown.

Bark to the Future

  • When Dudley said he forgot the password to the safe, Kitty helped by reminding him that he wrote it on his hand.

Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind

  • Dudley wants to return the purse to Kitty.

Golden Retriever

  • When Kitty says that the gold nugget could destroy the inhabitants of that city, besides them ("us"), Dudley says better she had begun to say "us", it means, maybe he thinks his relationship with Kitty is more important than any other thing.

Rat Trap

  • Dudley and Kitty play Ping Pong together.

Agent of the Year

  • Kitty and Dudley did not want to fight, but in the end they do.

T.U.F.F. Choices

  • Dudley offers an ice cream to Kitty.

Sob Story

  • Kitty gives her donut to Dudley when he cries.

Hush Puppy

  • Kitty gets worried for Dudley's collar.
  • Kitty is the first person that says the collar must be removed from the neck of Dudley, even though everyone was happy that he did not speak, even Kitty herself.
  • Kitty is the first to apologize Dudley.

Quacky Birthday

  • Kitty is sad when Dudley tells her she can't go to his house to celebrate his birthday.

Happy Howl-O-Ween

  • After Dudley was sent to space by mistake Kitty asked when he'll return to Earth, meaning that she's worried that he may not come back.
  • Kitty comforts Dudley when he is sad about the candy.

Til Doom Do Us Part

  • Dudley and Kitty pretend that they will be married.
  • Dudley is angry when Kitty tells him that she wants to marry Eric.
  • Dudley did not want to give the bouquet to Kitty, because he possibly knows that if Kitty had it she would marry Eric.
  • In the fictional wedding, Dudley and Kitty smile.
  • Dudley and Kitty almost kiss at the fictional wedding.
  • Dudley and Kitty want to work together to avoid fights and catch villains.
  • Dudley and Kitty both smash each other with a piece of cake, like a real groom and bride.

Barking Tall

  • Kitty tells Dudley that for her, he will always be tall, though she only said that to keep him from singing again, but that failed.
  • Dudley saves Kitty after Bird Brain threw her.

Bad Eggs

  • Kitty brings Dudley to the hospital.
  • Dudley goes to rescue Kitty.

Bark to Nature

  • Kitty congratulates Dudley.

Mutts and Bolts

  • Kitty thanks Dudley for the hot dogs.
  • The last time Kitty asks Dudley if she is going to marry Eric, Dudley replied that his name is not Eric, which means that he could marry Kitty.

Carbon Copies

  • While in the imagination station, Dudley created a Carbon Copy of Kitty who is nice to him and giving him candy, suggested that's how he wants the real Kitty to be.
  • The real Kitty is jealous of her copied counterpart.

T.U.F.F. Cookies

  • Dudley regrets that Kitty has lost her job as the publicity face of Carp Tarts to that she publicizes.

Subliminal Criminal

  • Kitty defended Dudley at trial, denying his false crimes.
  • After the trial, Dudley invites Kitty to lunch, and Kitty shows an expression of joy, which would mean that Kitty may have been waiting for this moment.

Acting TUFF

  • Kitty consoles Dudley after Woodchuck Norris says to him that he was the worst secret agent ever.
  • Kitty encourages Dudley to rescue Woodchuck Norris.
  • Kitty congratulates Dudley.


  • Kitty encouraged Dudley to continue at T.U.F.F. after Snaptrap bought it and turned it into D.O.O.F. and caused Kitty, Keswick and the Chief to quit.

Tattle Tale

  • Kitty congratulates Dudley.

A Tale of Two Kitties

  • Kitty is sad because Dudley didn't rescued first during fire in the candy store.
  • Dudley takes the blame of the attempted theft and expresses willingness to go to jail instead of Kitty without knowing that it was actually her twin sister, Katty.
  • Dudley and Kitty had necklaces with the words "best partners" inscribed on it. In the last scene, they unite them, wink and hug.

Pup in the Air

  • Dudley does not want Kitty leave him alone.

True Spies

  • When Dudley said he really could read, and he pretended to be stupid to Kitty do all that work, she said it really was not much work, probably wanting to say that she did not mind doing the work of Dudley.
  • Kitty admits that her and Dudley used to go out for ice cream instead of arresting villains.

Bagel and the Beast

  • Kitty apologizes Dudley for arresting Bigfoot.

Mud with Power

  • Kitty warns Dudley that her, Keswick and the Chief can not eat at the restaurant without him.

Legal Beagle

  • Dudley and Kitty are elected witnesses of the wedding between the Chief and George Looney.
  • Even do Dudley and Kitty were elected witnesses of the wedding of the Chief, Kitty and Dudley still look like they were the one's getting married.

The Spelling Bee

  • Dudley goes to rescue Kitty.

Dancin' Machine

  • Kitty wants to be Dudley's dance partner,but Dudley rejects the request, which made her upset, so Kitty proves to Dudley she can dance well.
  • Dudley regrets his decision to reject the suggestion of Kitty.
  • Dudley and Kitty eventually play "Dance, Dance, Blast the Ants" together.
  • Dudley tells Kitty that they would not have stopped the bomb without her help.

The Good, the Bad, and the Quacky

  • Kitty congratulates Dudley.

Pup Goes the Weasel

  • Dudley hugs Kitty after being frightened by the Keswick's puppet.
  • Dudley does not want Kitty to leave him alone, with Snaptrap, to avoid being persecuted by the Weasel.

Puppy Pause

  • Kitty worries with Dudley's S.E.E.S.A.W. test.
  • All Dudley's greeting cards were devoted to Kitty.
  • Kitty congratulates Dudley.

Sheep Dog

  • Dudley rescues Kitty, and the latter thanks him.

Mom's Away

  • Dudley admits that he wants Kitty and she is a great partner.
  • Dudley apologizes Kitty after running her over.
    • After, he says if she comes with him and his mother and, in turn, will provide a cake made cookies.

Crime Takes a Holiday

  • Dudley apologizes to Kitty.

Flower Power

  • Dudley protects Kitty from some natural hazards.

Dead or a Lie

  • After Dudley lies to Kitty about sacrificing himself to save her from "poisoned cupcakes, Kitty feels sad thinking Dudley might die soon and tries to make his final days worthwhile by letting him do anything he wants.

Scenes Hinting Their Relationship:


  • Kudley, a term for the pairing which is popular among fans, is a homophone of the word "cuddly".
  • Before the release of Mission: Really Big Mission, it was rumored among many fans that Dudley and Kitty would kiss in that episode.
  • Til Doom Do Us Part was another episode rumored among many fans of Dudley and Kitty's relationship starting. Like Mission: Really Big Mission, the rumors were obviously false. Although, Dudley and Kitty do come very close to sharing a real kiss, but the two only attempted to kiss just for the sake of their fake marriage.
  • So far, Dog Daze is the one that have the most Kudley episode hints ever (10 hints), in second place are Til Doom Do Us Part and Dancin' Machine (both 7 hints), and in third place are The Wrong Stuff, Watch Dog, Hot Dog (all these with 6 hints).
  • Both Doom and Gloom and Lights, Camera, Quacktion are by far the only two episodes where there are no hints of Kudley.
  • In Til Doom Do Us Part and Legal Beagle both look similar as if Dudley and Kitty were getting married except that in Til Doom Do Us Part it was a fake marriage plus both showed some feelings towards each other and in Legal Beagle it was the Chief wedding but its still looked like Dudley and Kitty were getting married both are similar in that and on the weddings.



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