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"Doom and Gloom"
Season 1, Episode 30
Doom and Gloom Title Card.png
Production Code: 116A
Airdate: November 26, 2011
March 7, 2012 (France)
Villain(s) Featured: Larry
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
The Dog Who Cried Fish
Law and Odor
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Doom and Gloom the thirtieth episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy's first season.


Larry has finally snapped under Snaptrap's ruthless authority and forms his own evil agency, dubbed G.L.O.O.M.! Much to Dudley and Kitty's chagrin, it turns out that Larry is actually pretty good at being bad!

The episode begins with The Chief ordering his agents to turn to the Evil Shopping Channel, where Snaptrap is talking about his new plan (going disguised as a princess in a carriage to steal the candy machine's coins). Larry says that is not a good idea for Snaptrap to tell his enemies his plans, but he throws him in the shark tank. Dudley and Kitty then arrive and stop Snaptrap. He and his henchmen are sent to jail for 3-5 years. After that period they arrive at D.O.O.M., and Snaptrap tries to call T.U.F.F. again to tell them that he is going to steal milk, but Larry continues to say "Don't tell T.U.F.F. your evil plans," but Snaptrap launches him into the shark tank again. Larry gets outraged and decides to quit, Snaptrap then orders Ollie and Francisco to throw sticks and stones at Larry. Snaptrap then tells Ollie and Francisco they can take being thrown in the shark tank, now that Larry is gone. Scared, they betray Snaptrap and go with Larry.

Meanwhile in T.U.F.F. (where The Chief says that catching villains is too easy, and Kitty agrees because every villain tells the place, time and their evil plan, and also calls them boobs, and then The Chameleon says "Hey these boobs have ears" and Kitty apologize to them. Keswick appears telling his plan of Invisible Tigers, and being mauled by one. And Dudley with his plan of a World Record (juggling bowling pins riding an unicycle), an then appears the alarm and the Chief exclaim that is another villain who is gonna to tell them their evil plans. And then appears Larry (with new outfit) calling T.U.F.F. only to they get scared of him Larry, leader of G.L.O.O.M. (Genius Larry's Order Of Mayhem), Dudley says that "Larry" is not a good scary name. And then Larry decides to change his name to Murray (scary because a running gag is when Larry refers himself as Murray, The Chief and Kitty gasp in horror). The Chief tells if Murray can tells his evil plan, Murray tells them that "he is not gonna to tell T.U.F.F. his evil plan" and cuts the call. The Chief is scared about it, Keswick is bleeding and Dudley is juggling, and Kitty notices that Petropolis electricity gets cut off. The Chief orders Dudley and Kitty stop them wile he and Keswick catch the Invisible Tiger.

Meanwhile on Petropolis Electricity Central, Ollie and Francisco (along with their new outfits) and his leader Murray, who is hacking the electricity and that is the first step of his evil plan, Francisco tells his that "he is a genius" and Murray tells him "that nothing calls him Murray for nothing" and escapes before Dudley and Kitty arrive to the Petropolis Central. She tells that Murray is pretty good being bad and then a series of newspapers appear saying "Murray is pretty good being bad", "T.U.F.F. helpless to stop Murray", "Dudley Puppy about to break a world record" and "Snaptrap fells on his own Shark tank and blames Larry". In T.U.F.F., The Chief is disappointed because how T.U.F.F. is gonna to stop the evils guys when they isn't tells them their evil plan. And then calls Murray again (both The Chief and Kitty gasp again) telling that he's gonna to tell T.U.F.F. his evil plan, steal a Fog Machine, but only that was a prank because he already stole it before the call, and cuts the call laughing madly and evil. Kitty says that Murray gone out of control, that they need to have the help of something who is recorded by him and also who hates Murray.

Meanwhile at D.O.O.M., Snaptrap is razoring an axé that he is gonna use with Murray (also comments that is a good scary name, how he didn't think about it). And Dudley and Kitty appear and ask Snaptrap if he knows Murray's evil plans, Snaptrap tells them that Murray is always tells his evil plans to taunt him. And shows his Phone with this messages of Murray plans and a renovation of Justin Beaver's fan club, and the last step of Murray's plan: "Cut Petropolis electricity and realizes that the fog on the city at night, to show Petropolis that G.L.O.O.M. rules." Kitty says that is gonna to finish with G.L.O.O.M., Dudley says that they doesn't know where are them, Snaptrap says that his ex-henchmen are on D.O.O.M.'s upper floor saying that also his mom rented them her Sewing Room.

Meanwhile at G.L.O.O.M., Murray is is gonna to finish his plan adding also that when Petropolis gets robbed they will have their own lair. Francisco adds that this plan is awesome, because they are tired to find Snaptrap's mom on the bathroom. Kitty tries to arrest G.L.O.O.M., but gets blinded by the fog and captured by Murray. And then Dudley appears saying that going upstairs was easy but he wanted to use the bathroom and Snaptrap's mom was there. Ollie ask him if she is freaky and Dudley adds that she is on it with the lights off. And Murray orders his henchmen to only attack Dudley, but he attacks painfully Ollie and Francisco with his bowling pins. Murray is going to start his evil plan, but Kitty frees herself and attacks Murray who is scared and runs to the stairs, but Kitty catches him and Murray, Ollie and Francisco get arrested and Snaptrap starts mocking them. Larry tells him that he wasn't a very bad villain after that and if he can apologize to him, along with Ollie and Francisco. Snaptrap says that he never can get angry with them. And then he opens the shark tank and Ollie, Francisco and Larry fall on it. Dudley admits that it's strange to not arrest Snaptrap, but the latter tells him that he is going to commit crimes disguised as a matador.

At the end The Chief rewards Dudley for the record, but Keswick ruins it by telling Dudley that he has to juggle unicycles instead of bowling pins; and Dudley asks for someone to tell his time. And the episode ends.

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